3 Minutes of Yoga, 3 Minutes of Meditation – VIDEO

3min-meditationThe following video helps you fit a quick, high quality yoga and meditation practice into a busy day.

By moving with your breath, you get in tune with it, and release tension in your body. The easy, seated yoga practice at the beginning of the video increases circulation and vitality.

Then, once you’ve done a bit of movement to help your body and mind feel more at ease, the three minute meditation takes you into a place of calm centeredness.

As always, please be sure to adapt as needed in order to make the practice right for your body and circumstance. You want it to feel great!

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Shri Ma Lakshmi – Mantra Yoga Music

I picked up my guitar last night, started singing, and a song was born.

The incredible joy that I felt as this mantra and music was being created is something that just wants to be shared, so here you are!

Click PLAY below to listen and watch as this song just comes out shining!
(My kitty Josie settles in to listen, and my boyfriend Casey makes a cameo appearance.)

I’ll give a general translation, though I could also speak for hours on these few words…

Shri: Purest beauty. Ultimate goodness. Scintillating joy.
Ma: Divine mother, divine feminine, goddess energy.
Lakshmi: Goddess, archetype of beauty, abundance, benevolence.
Shakti: Limitless creative power, life energy, divine feminine, the goddess who breathes us all…

If you like the song, please let me know what you think! It still has lots of growing to do. 🙂

Feel free to leave a comment below, and please share this with your friends to help the joy and positive energy of this mantra light up as many hearts as it can.

That is the wish of the song; to uplift, to delight, to bless.


The Dance Of Breath In Pranayama: Ujjayi Yoga Breath

A large part of Meditation is the dance of breath, and the guiding of breath in Pranayama such as Ujjayi and even breathing, such as in this video, can be a beautiful gateway into a deep state of peace.

Maintaining a beautiful posture or seat in meditation is part of why the practice of asana is such a foundational and integral part of the practice.

So sit beautifully.

Whatever that means for you.

And enjoy your practice.

Ujjayi Pranayama Meditation


Earth Healing Mantra ~ Om Shri Gaia Ma…

This song was inspired by my deep love and connection to Earth.

It welled up within me, whispering and then singing with awareness of the complete interconnection we all have.

I have climbed to the knees of a giant Douglas Fir Tree and sang this into the moss.

I have stood in the clearest stream of water, illuminated in sunshine. This mantra singing to me from within.


Om Shri Gaia Ma

Purnatva Gaia Ma


Beautiful, Abundant, Benevolent Earth Mother

You Are The FULLEST Perfection

Divine Mother Earth



The Yoga of Singing From The Heart

When your heart sings, beauty breathes more fully within you and shines brightly all around you.

But to hear the song of your heart, you have to first listen.

Within silence, all sound exists. Every melody and beat is there, waiting for their time – ready to contribute to the dance of life.

You know when you hear or feel a deep truth? It moves you. It hits something far within, maybe bringing tears to your eyes.

The song of your heart comes from truth, from the pure love-light being who you truly are. And every time you pause to tune into your breath, or listen to the call of your spirit, that truth becomes more clear.

Even if you don’t actually like to sing out loud, we each have a beautiful singer within. When you honor yourself by following the path that your soul asks you to take, your own personal song lights up the entire matrix of life that we call the world and universe.

The following video is me singing one of the songs of my heart. The mantra itself came to me in a meditation, and the melody simply appeared one day, birthed out of silence. I hope you enjoy it.


Need Wrist Love? Align With Yoga Therapy

I could use a little more awareness in my lower hand here - see how it's collapsing slightly to the outside? So much going on in the pose, even I need to remember to align my hands. 🙂

Good alignment is good therapy, and optimal alignment is what brings the freedom in yoga therapy.

This can be anything from knowing how to place your hands and feet to aligning with your intention and coming into the natural pulsation of the breath.

One thing that comes up a lot for people is pressure or pain in the wrists. However, when you use the alignment principles of Anusara® yoga and apply them to your own body, that pressure and pain can disappear.

When you’re in a weight bearing pose on your hands (downward dog, handstand, push-ups, plank, gardening, etc.) your foundation has a lot to do with what you feel in your wrists. This means the way you place your hands and fingers translates to what you feel.

The following video that explains three of the most important points to know about how to align your hands.

Though this video speaks mostly to the added challenge of having your hands on uneven ground, this alignment goes for any surface and position where your whole hand is on the ground. When you practice outside or on carpet, the stakes are higher and it becomes even more important to align mindfully. Watch to find out why…


Yoga Fitness Core Workout

Try out my Magic Mix of fitness and yoga at the super fun Kamloops Yoga Boot Camp for women! The following workout is a great example of how you can transform your body and come back to center using this combination.

Get your blood moving, strengthen your muscles, and then lengthen them out – all the while using your awareness to make it more than just exercise. Connect to your true CORE.

This is a short segment from a full length EPIC workout.

Obviously this isn’t real time, so here’s the full workout sequence so you can refer to it. Watch the video to be sure of form (and for motivation if you’re entertained by watching me sweat!)

Center in. Take a breath and remember WHY you’re doing this. What do you want to look like? What do you want to feel like?

Warm up:


A Seated or Chair Yoga Practice You Can Do Right Now

I know, sometimes it’s hard to get out of your chair – but you can do yoga right where you are! Isn’t that great?

By all means, get up and move when you can, but sometimes it’s okay to do yoga sitting right where you are. This is a great little practice to help you stay healthy and feeling good while you’re working.

This video gives you some great options for doing yoga while seated: