A Seated or Chair Yoga Practice You Can Do Right Now

I know, sometimes it’s hard to get out of your chair – but you can do yoga right where you are! Isn’t that great?

By all means, get up and move when you can, but sometimes it’s okay to do yoga sitting right where you are. This is a great little practice to help you stay healthy and feeling good while you’re working.

This video gives you some great options for doing yoga while seated:

The Benefits of Chair Yoga

Though a full practice on the mat is ideal, sometimes it isn’t realistic. And sometimes life situations are such that you’re stuck in a chair for whatever reason.

But you can still do yoga, and receive great benefit from it!

Chair yoga, or seated practice, brings many of the same benefits of a full practice, though you’ll want to stretch your hips and legs out of the chair if possible too.

Anytime you’re breathing mindfully and moving in alignment, it helps to increase circulation and brings more freedom to your body.

Some of the areas where you’ll find a bit more freedom in the body using the practice in the video with alignment include:

  • Side body
  • Lower back
  • Upper back
  • Spine
  • Neck and Shoulders
  • Hips

And of course all that breathing is the key to feeling great!

I hope this little practice motivates you to do yoga wherever you are, however you can.

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