The Wild And The Sacred (Mini-Meditation)

shiva-shaktiInvite yourself to drop all ideas of what ‘sacred’ looks like, and how ‘enlightenment’ is bestowed, for the divine is revealed in the most curious of places.

You can have wild fun and still be immersed in the most sacred of practices.

The union of deep devotion and profound play is one of the joys of embodiment. Yoga is about being fully present, engaged in your own authenticity.

It’s how you live, not just how you meditate and move on your mat.

Balancing the study of the Self and the myriad worldly experiences can be a wonderful game! When you are able to be mindful of the source of the blessings in your life, gratitude pours fourth and more blessings appear. When you can rest concerns on the healing bed of truth, knowing that all truly is taken care of, the current of Grace carries you.

When you can give yourself over completely to the dance, to the music that moves you, letting thoughts dissolve into the ecstasy of the heart, you move into union. This is yoga.

This connection can happen in the silence of nature, in the busyness of work, and at the loudest of parties.

There are no rules as to when and where enlightenment reveals itself. The divine is present in all things.

The next time you are in the company of song, on a dance floor, barefoot in the grass, or alone in your living room, let the music lead you into moving meditation.

The next time laughter arises like joy pouring fourth from within, be completely in the feeling of it – be happiness.

The next time you are overcome with love, in all its waves of wonder, know that you are on a direct path to the highest place, and merge into the one consciousness whose nature is bliss.


Sit now, with exquisite posture.

Turn your awareness to your breath.

Feel the internal pulsation – the primal rhythm of your heartbeat and breath.

Tap into the truth of who you are…

Connect with your highest self – the You who is deeply peaceful, generously loving, and wildly free in the vibration of joy.

Ride the waves of feeling as they come, just letting them wash over you.




When you are ready to return to the events of the day, stay with this connection. Notice the difference in awareness you can bring to even the most seemingly mundane of things, and every emotion that comes.

You are a being of awareness and delight.

Choose to be this balance of exuberant inner child and student of the sacred. Yes!

Do you see the sacred in the most unlikely places? Do you have a recent experience of bliss you’d like to share? Leave a comment below and inspire us all!


2 thoughts on “The Wild And The Sacred (Mini-Meditation)

  1. in the hot hazy heat of the neighborhood pool deck, my 11 year old daughter and I slid into the too warm water to swim laps. It is our agreement to get some exercise this summer in the pool, since reading all day on the couch is her preference, and both need to move and breathe outside. After a few laps, we both ended in the deep end, not interested in the rhythm of laps and started to play. We did slow motion back flips in the clear, cooler water of the deep-end, and the slow inhales and exhales we naturally flowed with made us both feel completely peaceful and healthy. We did loops and turns with our arms linked and truly played underwater like free dolphins,stretching, soaring, breathing in unison and flowing with such ease and joy. This was the most quiet, pure, sweet yoga a mother could do with a child. the only sounds were of us surfacing and laughing and inhaling to go under and play some more.

  2. That sounds like so much fun and bliss! Thanks for sharing. 🙂

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