Give Yourself Permission to Rest

We often measure success based on productivity. There are always too many things that need to be done, and the sense of accomplishment when you complete a project (even if it’s just getting the kitchen clean) can be wonderful!

But I think there’s another measure of success that’s worthy of note, and that’s the way you feel.

My body has been craving rest in a big way lately, and sometimes it’s hard to balance the things I want to do with my very real need to stock up on sleep. It’s why I haven’t sent out a message in a couple of weeks. I’ve been going to bed soon after my kids, and sleeping as long as they’ll let me. And it’s been SO GOOD!

Today’s message is a reminder that rest is important. Vital.

It’s okay to go to bed early, in fact, it’s a gift you can give yourself that costs nothing at all. When you get enough rest your cells regenerate, your body renews itself. When you feel well rested, you have more to bring to whatever projects you’re focusing on in your life.

I invite you to give yourself permission to rest. That might mean a nap, an early bedtime, legs up the wall pose, or a long savasana (maybe even all of the above). And, if you’re honest with what your body needs, it might mean you give yourself these things on a regular basis, not just once in a blue moon.

Enjoy that rest. You deserve it, and your body will thank you!

With kindness,


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P.P.S. When you’re tired in the middle of your day, sometimes a few deep breaths can give you that renewal you need, at least for a little while. Maybe try it now. Take your time. Let your breath lead.

Deep breath in . . . deep breath out.

Deep breath in . . . deep breath out.

Deep breath in . . . deep breath out.

So nice!