A Sweet Reminder – Any Time Will Do

Posted By Katrina Ariel On March 4th, 2016
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crystalcaveOne of the best things about meditation is that absolutely any effort can be beneficial.

Five minutes a day is fabulous. Ten minutes before bed is lovely. Sitting in your car (parked, of course) for three minutes of silence and calm is totally worthwhile.

Did you do your meditation this morning? I didn’t. But, as my twin toddlers played happily by themselves, I found a few minutes this afternoon to sit, breathe, and re-connect. It made a big difference, even if the room was nothing like silent.

This is a sweet reminder to take the time you have and reconnect with your whole self.

Sit. Breathe. Relax. Reconnect.

Do you have two minutes right now?

Close your eyes. Turn inward. Breathe.

Ah, that’s so nice.

The same rule goes for the asana side of yoga: any effort is worthwhile.

crescentI am on my yoga mat for 15 minutes each morning without fail. I would not be much fun to be around if I didn’t give myself this time.

Getting to a yoga class each week is absolutely wonderful!

If you can dedicate one 75-minute chunk of time to your home practice each week, consider my Dragon Rider online yoga video series, which includes active and restorative options.

And if all you can manage is ten minutes of Legs up the Wall pose at the end of the day, please know that you’re giving yourself an incredible gift.

Any time will do. Just remember to take care of you by doing what works. Breathe, move, and notice how much it enhances your experience of living.


The Wild And The Sacred (Mini-Meditation)

Posted By Katrina Ariel On March 1st, 2016

shiva-shaktiInvite yourself to drop all ideas of what ‘sacred’ looks like, and how ‘enlightenment’ is bestowed, for the divine is revealed in the most curious of places.

You can have wild fun and still be immersed in the most sacred of practices.

The union of deep devotion and profound play is one of the joys of embodiment. Yoga is about being fully present, engaged in your own authenticity.

It’s how you live, not just how you meditate and move on your mat.

Balancing the study of the Self and the myriad worldly experiences can be a wonderful game! When you are able to be mindful of the source of the blessings in your life, gratitude pours fourth and more blessings appear. When you can rest concerns on the healing bed of truth, knowing that all truly is taken care of, the current of Grace carries you.

When you can give yourself over completely to the dance, to the music that moves you, letting thoughts dissolve into the ecstasy of the heart, you move into union. This is yoga.

This connection can happen in the silence of nature, in the busyness of work, and at the loudest of parties.

There are no rules as to when and where enlightenment reveals itself. The divine is present in all things.

The next time you are in the company of song, on a dance floor, barefoot in the grass, or alone in your living room, let the music lead you into moving meditation.

The next time laughter arises like joy pouring fourth from within, be completely in the feeling of it – be happiness.

The next time you are overcome with love, in all its waves of wonder, know that you are on a direct path to the highest place, and merge into the one consciousness whose nature is bliss.


Sit now, with exquisite posture.

Turn your awareness to your breath.

Feel the internal pulsation – the primal rhythm of your heartbeat and breath.

Tap into the truth of who you are…

Connect with your highest self – the You who is deeply peaceful, generously loving, and wildly free in the vibration of joy.

Ride the waves of feeling as they come, just letting them wash over you.




When you are ready to return to the events of the day, stay with this connection. Notice the difference in awareness you can bring to even the most seemingly mundane of things, and every emotion that comes.

You are a being of awareness and delight.

Choose to be this balance of exuberant inner child and student of the sacred. Yes!

Do you see the sacred in the most unlikely places? Do you have a recent experience of bliss you’d like to share? Leave a comment below and inspire us all!


Pranayama Yoga: Even Breathing (Ujjayi)

Posted By Katrina Ariel On February 13th, 2016

leavesbranchAs you take this breath, can you feel your body respond to it?

What if you rise up taller and make more space for your breath – what does it feel like now?

Breath is the movement of life. It is a gift offered in each moment, one that we are often not aware of receiving. Breathing is the act that connects each and every living being to one another. It is a beautiful flowing guide.

So much of yoga is based on the breath. When you do an asana practice, you lead with your breath. Pranayama, an entire branch of yoga, is the practice of dancing with the breath using techniques that can cleanse and heal the body, focus the mind, and connect with the spirit.

It is very important that you never force or strain when working with your breath, and always let go of a technique if it creates any anxiety or strain, returning to your natural breath. Working with the breath is all about being aware and co-participating in the act of breathing; of being in the flow of nature.

Turning your awareness to your breath is a secret of finding peace on every level, allowing you to align with your true nature and tap in to the vast, loving energy of the universe.

Mini-practice: Bathing in the Breath
(Pranayama practice with even breathing and Ujjayi)

Take a comfortable seat.
Root into your pelvis and rise up through your spine,
Open your physical posture to create spaciousness within.
Close your eyes and feel the movement of your natural breath.

Start to make your breathing even:
Make your inhale the same length as your exhale.
Take in an even amount of air through the whole breath,
Allow in the same volume during the beginning and end of the inhale,
Release the exhale smoothly.

If you know the technique of Ujjayi, you may use it:
This is a slight toning of the back of the throat
Producing a gentle whisper of sound
So the breath sounds like the ocean when you hear it in a seashell
If this technique is foreign or escapes you, don`t worry, just breathe evenly

Close your eyes and sit, bathing in this even breath for a few minutes, or longer if you wish.

When you are ready, release the technique.
Give yourself a minute or two to feel your natural breath,
And savour the deep feeling of peace that you created
In the equanimity of your breath.


If you’d like to learn more about Pranayama,
Yoga for Dragon Riders, has a whole section on this practice,
with step-by-step exercises you can do at home.


“Take a deep breath in, feel the sun on your soul. Start fresh today, make peace your goal.” ~Melanie Moushigian Koulouris

Below is a video that takes you through Ujjayi breathing.


“Thank you, Universe, for taking care of all the details.”

Posted By Katrina Ariel On January 30th, 2016
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What do you think of the following quote?

“Thank you, Universe, for taking care of all the details.”

I’m pretty sure I got this from Mike Dooley, but I’ve used it so often it feels like my own. Every time I find my mind focusing on minutia, or worried about something, I fall back to this statement of trust.

gold buddha budLife, according to the wisdom of yoga and other traditions, is a pattern of showing up and letting go.

For me, one of the most important ways to show up is to set intention every day. I sit quietly each morning (even if there is toddler mayhem happening around me), and choose the qualities I want to bring into my day. For example, “Today I choose joy. I am a patient and loving mother. I am healthy, creative, and choose a day full of goodness.”

Something like that. My intention is generally surrounded by gratitude music, as well. Setting intention and bringing forth an abundance of gratitude help me train my mind to show up to the present moment.

But, no matter how often you envision what you want to happen, the crucial piece is letting go, and trusting that everything will unfold perfectly. Especially when things don’t look like you think they should.

Here is one way to do that…


Adjust your posture so you are tall and comfortable.

Take several deep breaths, pressing pause on the rest of your day.

Bring your mind to the moment by thinking of a few things for which you are grateful.

Now, what is your intention for today?

Be clear, as you invite your higher self to help you, and set the tone for your day.

Once you’ve stated your intention (silently or out loud), let it go. Know that the energy is even now rippling out to manifest.

If you like, you can end with the affirming statement: “Thank you, Universe, for taking care of all the details.”

Sit for a little longer, enjoying the stillness of meditation.


When you take just a few moments to do this every day, it is AMAZING the difference it can make!

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A Surge of Creativity

Posted By Katrina Ariel On January 3rd, 2016
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Happy New Year!

I love fresh beginnings, don’t you?

One of the best things about starting anew is the invitation for creativity. So, what are some of the ways you enjoy expressing your own personal creativeness?

pink flowerWhat do you do that, when you’re in the thick of it, fills you with excitement and joy?

Do you sing or play music, cook up wonderful meals, paint or draw, garden, dance or play outside?

Any activity can be creative (even dusting the leaves on your plants can create happiness for you, and for them), so it’s really about finding the bits of life that feel the most juicy, and diving in with your whole heart.

It could be rolling out your yoga mat and dancing with your breath, creating peace and harmony, mind, body, and spirit.

For me, one of the most enjoyable things is writing. In fact, I just finished writing a novel. It feels AMAZING to be creative in this way.

So today’s exercise is to think of something that brings you joy, and do it!

Maybe you can start right now, or maybe you can write down when you are going to engage in this creative endeavor, but give yourself that gift.

You deserve it!

“Begin today. Declare out loud to the universe that you are willing to let go of struggle and eager to learn through joy.” -Sarah Ban Breathnach

“The secret to living the life of your dreams is to start living the life of your dreams today, in every little way you possibly can.” -Mike Dooley


3 Minutes of Yoga, 3 Minutes of Meditation – VIDEO

Posted By Katrina Ariel On December 26th, 2015
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3min-meditationThe following video helps you fit a quick, high quality yoga and meditation practice into a busy day.

By moving with your breath, you get in tune with it, and release tension in your body. The easy, seated yoga practice at the beginning of the video increases circulation and vitality.

Then, once you’ve done a bit of movement to help your body and mind feel more at ease, the three minute meditation takes you into a place of calm centeredness.

As always, please be sure to adapt as needed in order to make the practice right for your body and circumstance. You want it to feel great!

Do you know anyone who could benefit from this short practice? Share the love and send them the video!

Thank you for visiting. Have a great day and I hope to see you here again soon!



Check Out My New Digs – KatrinaAriel.com

Posted By Katrina Ariel On December 22nd, 2015
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Oh, I get so excited about creative projects. Lately, I’ve been doing lots of writing, and have wanted a site to focus more specifically on my work as an author and musician.

Now, there’s another blog for you to enjoy. This one is more personal, though it still has a professional flair.

I give you www.KatrinaAriel.com.


The blog categories, so far, are: Writing, Music, and Family.

I’m happy to have a place to write about being a mother that feels more appropriate than my yoga site. Sure, the practice of yoga extends its wisdom to every aspect of life, so I’ll always bring that kind of wisdom in. But now, on my personal site, I can blog about writing and family on a regular basis.

Check out my latest post called For the Love of Family.

Under music, you’ll find articles about the music that turns me on right now. Check out my blog post on The Piano Guys‘ version of Fight Song, set in magical Scotland. Do you love the video as much as I do?

In the world of writing, I’ll be adding articles about my life as an author. Here’s one on Growing as a Writer, or, Why I Love Queries. Have you ever tried to get a fiction book published traditionally? Fun stuff, I tell ya.

Head on over and please do let me know what you think! You can leave a comment on any of the blog posts.

Thank you so much for your support. Blessings to you and your family as we cross from 2015 to 2016.

May it be a bright year for us all! 



Happy Winter Solstice!

Posted By Katrina Ariel On December 21st, 2015
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goddess-shastaI love this time of year. Okay, so maybe I’m over winter by February, but the magic and celebratory nature of late December is special to me.

One of the things I enjoy the most is balancing the busy-ness of the holiday season by tuning in to nature’s wisdom.

Winter Solstice, otherwise known as Yule, is the longest night of the year. It invites us to turn inward, to embrace the nurturing, creative potential of darkness, and be grateful for all that has come before.

It also invites us to see the light renewed, as, from this point forward, the days will grow until we reach Summer Solstice once again.

On the cycles turn, asking us to flow with the ever changing weaving of life.

I offer you this meditation as one way to observe this potent time:

Sit beautifully, and tune in with your breath.

Take your time. Settle in. Grow taller.

Feel the earth below, the sky above, your breath within.

Invite an inward directed smile.

Now, take a minute or two for gratitude. What are you grateful for in your life right now? What blessings do you want to acknowledge from the past year?

Really feel the thankfulness as it rises and grows within you. It’s as if you’re glowing with gratitude!

Next, take a moment to think of what you wish to invite in the next year. What seed of intention do you want to plant in the limitless potential of darkness, just before the New Year dawns?

Once you have your intention clear in your mind, go back to gratitude, imagining yourself with that intention already manifest.

Then, let it go. I like this phrase: “Thank you, Universe, for taking care of all the details.”

With a deep breath, bring yourself firmly to the here and now, and enjoy the rest of your day!

Brightest blessings in the deepest night,


P.S. That’s right, it’s a gratitude sandwich. Gratitude + Intention + Gratitude = Good Stuff Happening.


Remember Who You Are

Posted By Katrina Ariel On December 12th, 2015
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woman-lake-open-arms45384656Often, when you focus on others and all the things that must be done, it can be challenging to take time to care for yourself. It’s easy to get lost in the busyness of this season, especially.

Spending time with people and being productive are great! But it’s vital to stay centered in yourself, too.

Here are some ideas to help:

1. Be present. The potency of who you are and what life is all exists in the current moment. Show up. Be here. Now. This is vital.

2. Focus on love. It has been said that there are only ever two choices: fear or love. Choose love. Every time.

3. Remember who you are. Yoga offers the perspective that all of life is intertwined, truly all is One. The energy that breathes you, that weaves the Universe, lives within you and experiences itself as you.

You are Divine. It is very human to forget this, so lovingly remind yourself as often as necessary. 🙂

As yoga reminds us, again and again, if in doubt, just breathe.

Take a few deep breaths, center into yourself, and bring the blessings of the moment to the forefront of your experience.

For the love of YOU!


P.S. Are you still looking for a gift for someone who enjoys yoga? My book, Yoga for Dragon Riders, ships directly from Amazon, and they’ll even gift wrap it for you! 


Just Breathe . . . Smiling is also Good

Posted By Katrina Ariel On December 4th, 2015
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meditation01Today’s message is short and sweet, a simple reminder that your breath can be your best friend.

Yesterday I stepped outside and found myself absolutely engaged in the beauty of my breath. I’d been sitting at the computer for a while, probably slouched over, and wasn’t feeling particularly energetic or centered.

Yet, after only a couple of minutes of standing tall and letting my breath flow, there was a noticeable and welcome change in my entire body.

So, please consider this an invitation:

Sit tall, breathe deep.

If you can, go outside for some fresh air, and notice the difference it makes.

If you want to take it a step further, envision the way your lungs expand, gratefully moving in all directions as you inhale the life-force of prana.

As you exhale, feel how you can effortlessly invite your body to expel just a little bit more air, gently releasing toxins or any feelings that no longer serve you.

Each inhale is a chance to start fresh, to bring more peace and wellbeing.

Each exhale is an opportunity to relax, release.



Delicious, isn’t it?

Want to make it even better? Smile! Yep, that’s right. Feels good, doesn’t it?