Creativity in Abundance

Posted By Katrina Ariel On July 4th, 2014
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Abundance is the nature of the Universe.

We each have creative energy in abundance. It is a matter of allowing that energy to flow in the ways that are best for you. What is your passion? What makes you feel good when you’re doing it?

We’re all creative in different ways. For me, music and writing are two of the most enjoyable and natural ways to express my own creativity.

Spending time doing something you’re passionate about is so fulfilling. It’s the purpose of life, really, and “following your bliss,” is an excellent way to live. Part of that is allowing your own creativity.

However, it’s not always easy to find bliss in the day to day business of being human. We have to work on it a bit, sometimes.

Truly, living well is about feeling good. What feels good to you? It might be yoga, it might be music, it might be a walk in nature or time sitting in stillness. Or maybe it feels good to you to clean your house, spend time fully present with your loved ones, or nurture your creativity in some way.

Perhaps you want to make a little list right now of ways you enjoy being creative . . .

“The painter has the Universe in his mind and hands.”
~ Leonardo da Vinci

My Latest Creative Projects: Building our Dream House, Writing a Novel, and Growing a Baby

The House: A lot of my time lately is spent managing the construction of our home addition. I’ve learned tons about construction, concrete, electrical, and so many other aspects of building. There have been EPIC trips to Home Depot, lots of little trips to Rona, dump runs and hauling construction materials up in my truck.

The great thing about being pregnant through all this is that everyone wants to help me. And, because I’ve reached the point in my pregnancy where everything seems to be an effort, I am learning to ask for help. That’s a new one on me!

One of the fun (and challenging) parts of being the general contractor for this project is making all the little decisions that need to happen. Paint colours and light fixtures, interior walls and where the electrical outlets go—all in all it’s quite a creative endeavour! Fingers crossed that it’s in a decently finished stage before the baby comes. :)

The Novel: A little over two months ago I got a huge creative surge and started writing a novel. I’ve written 400 pages since then, and have many more adventures in my mind to put on paper.

What’s it about? Well . . .

It’s an epic adventure of romance, music, time travel and parallel realities: an unexpected expedition that forever breaks the boundaries of culturally conditioned ideas. There are Highlanders, gunslingers, medicine women and seers, Vikings, Druids, Gods, Goddesses, elves and dragons (of course)—with one brave, talented and rather confused woman at the center of it all.

I have no idea how long it will take me to finish the novel, find a publisher, and get it out to the general public, but I do intend to do that. For now, it is sheer joy to write such a fun and emotionally rich story, nurturing my creativity in a beautiful way.

The Baby: Let’s see . . . I’m just about 30 weeks pregnant, and—as I said earlier—I’ve reached the point where everything seems to be much more of an effort than before. There’s a lot of sighing and moaning and groaning every time I move. Heh.

I’m doing great, baby is strong and healthy, and overall I feel good. That said, I’m quite big for my stage, owing to the fact that my body is rather petite. I’ve had to change my yoga practice entirely, reaching out to other teachers for ideas to stabilize my pelvis and find ways to clear the tension that wakes me up at night.

Again, I’m doing great, and it’s a fascinating journey. So it’s uncomfortable. I’m okay with that, because I’ve got a Star Child on the way, and it’s all so temporary. It also gives Casey and I a chance to bond in a different way. He’s going to be an incredible father! I can’t wait to see him with our child.

That about sums it up. I hope you’ve enjoyed this little update, and hope you find an abundance of  joy and fulfilment in your own creative expression.



“Goodbye” and Best Wishes from Yoga Boot Camp

Posted By Katrina Ariel On March 7th, 2014
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Well, this is it!

It’s time for Yoga Boot Camp to say goodbye, for now at least.

Though I don’t want to say it’s forever, it seems it’s time for YBC to close its doors. Who knows, maybe there will be a revival sometime in the future. If so, we’ll let you know.

The truth of the matter is that we simply don’t have anywhere near the numbers we need to make this program thrive. And it isn’t much fun to struggle with a business, no matter how awesome it is at its essence.

So, like all good things, change is upon us. When one door closes, another opens.

The messages below are from the heart. Be sure to connect with us on Facebook so we can keep in touch!

(And be sure to read the P.S. below too!) Read more…

The Heart’s Song (Poem)

Posted By Katrina Ariel On February 26th, 2014

Maha Shivaratri is here, and so it is a fitting time to go far into the Infinite.

Then again, any moment will do.

This poem is a contribution to the unending number of voices that turn their focus to the divine. It has a likening to Rumi, a tip of the hat to The Fionavar Tapestry, and a soundtrack of hope-bright harmony.

I hope you enjoy it.

The Heart’s Song

The most essential truth of all
Is made of Light
of Fathomless All
wrapped in Oneness
Infinite and Unending in Its expansion. Read more…

For the Love of You

Posted By Katrina Ariel On February 13th, 2014
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Self-love is one of the most vital, beneficial, and worthy forms of self-care. Yet so many people find it difficult to even like themselves, much less LOVE who they are completely!

Part of this is a deep rooted misconception in our society that caring for yourself makes one arrogant or selfish. This is completely, utterly false.

Being able to extend love, compassion, kindness and acceptance to yourself is an essential part of being a whole, balanced human being.

It allows you to feel fulfilled within, rather than trying to find what you’re needing from outside sources. And by cultivating this ability to love who you are, including all the mistakes, flaws and quirks that go along with being gloriously human, you are in a position to genuinely love and care for others without depleting yourself.

If you already have a practice of self-love (yes, it’s a practice—some days are easier than others), then you probably have ways you remind yourself that you are worthy, complete, and beautiful exactly as you are right in this moment.

However, if you’re looking for some ways to integrate this practice into your life, here are a few ideas:

1) Every time you find that your self-talk is unkind, respond as if you were comforting a child. Be gentle with yourself, soothing your own thoughts toward yourself in a way that shows compassion. You might feel like you’re having a conversation in your head at first, but gradually you will find that those unkind thoughts are replaced by kind ones.

2) Look yourself in the mirror, in the eyes, and say, “I love you” either out loud or in your mind. Do it every single time you look in the mirror, and you’ll begin to believe it!

3) Tell your body, even your cells, how much you love and appreciate them—especially any parts of your physical body that are in need of healing or you have judged in the past. This is a very healing practice! Sending your physical body love and gratitude can go a long way in repairing energetic and physical issues.

4) Forgive yourself for ANYTHING and EVERYTHING you feel needs forgiving. Ho’oponopono is a great way to do this if you don’t have a preferred method.

5) Use the affirmation, “I love myself completely. I accept myself completely.” Again, repeat this until you really feel its truth. It may take some time, but it is an incredibly transformational practice!

Remember, loving and accepting yourself are your birthright! A child comes into the world knowing it is perfect, knowing it is made of love. Experiences along the way can change that perspective, but the underlying truth is this:

You are worthy of the most complete, unconditional, innocent and intimate love! Tell yourself how much you love YOU, every single day.

Om Namah Shivaya – A Song of Peace and Love (VIDEO)

Posted By Katrina Ariel On January 29th, 2014
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Music moves us in so many ways. Mantra in particular can help us to find ourselves again.

How you resonate, or the vibration you feel, can be a conscious choice. The more you choose your vibration consciously, the more you can influence life to unfold in the direction of your choosing.

For instance, if you continually bring yourself back to love, peace, joy, kindness, and the like, then these are the influences that will most often show up in your life. This is the “thoughts become things” theory in practice on a moment to moment basis.

But sometimes it isn’t so easy to stay in a pattern of love and joy, is it?

That’s where music can be so very helpful.

When you listen to (or create your own) music that brings a resonance of light and goodness, it is so much easier to bring the harmony you desire into your own vibration and surroundings.

So, without further ado, here is a music video that has both music and images to help brighten your heart and your day!

If you enjoyed this, please share! You’ll help others grow the feelings of love and peace in their own hearts (and therefore the world)!

This song is on my album, “Gratitude.” Click on the image to the right to purchase on iTunes.

Creating a Feeling of Freedom

Posted By Katrina Ariel On January 24th, 2014
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To all of us, freedom is something that is of the highest importance. We each want to feel sovereign to ourselves, able to choose what is best for our own lives and act accordingly.

But for so many people that liberation is blocked by feelings of scarcity (not enough time/money, etc.), or by very real obligations that seem to get in the way of you feeling truly free.

The key is to create freedom within.

In the words of the great Bob Marley, “None but ourselves can free our minds.”

And once you have found freedom within, that feeling informs the rest of your life–no matter what you are doing in the outside world.


Sit tall and comfortably, letting go of any tension in your face.

Take three slow, deep breaths: in through your nose, and out your mouth.

Feel the Earth below you, supporting you and sending you tremendous love.

Now, bring your focus to your heart.

Feel the rise and fall of your chest as your breath moves.

Your heart center calls you back to your true, divine self.

Remember who you truly are: a child of the Universe, infinitely loved. Take a moment to acknowledge that you are a bright, beautiful spirit!

Keep breathing deeply, bringing your awareness now to your third eye.

Imagine the purest light in the center of your head, even with your brow.

This light bathes your pineal gland and helps to clear your mind.

Take three (or more) slow, steady breaths, allowing this light to literally free your mind and align your mental energy with your heart energy.

As you feel this alignment and the light of your mind and heart come into harmony, bring that beam of light down into your root chakra at the base of your pelvic floor. This aligns your mind, heart, and body, bringing forth the light of your true self into the manifest world.

Take as long as you need, making sure you feel grounded and at ease.

To the freedom of us all!


P.S. Music often creates a feeling of freedom without you having to work at it (isn’t that great?!) Check out my mantra album, which so many people have said makes them feel uplifted, peaceful, and free.

How to Stop Worrying

Posted By Katrina Ariel On January 12th, 2014
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This is a very simple (though perhaps not easy) way to stop yourself from worrying:

1. Focus on the Now
2. Think about “what IS,” not “what if”
3. Breathe deeply and trust yourself
4. Repeat

Focusing on beauty is a great way to shift your thoughts and feelings.

I don’t pretend to have this mastered, but when I catch myself obsessing on thoughts that aren’t true or serving the moment, this is what helps me get out of that thought pattern.

Women seem to have a particular talent for worrying, though men can excel at it as well. Sometimes I think I’m hard-wired to fret over things completely out of my control, or things that haven’t happened and may not come to pass. I’ve been this way since I was a little girl.

But that doesn’t mean I have to live in a constant state of worry for the rest of my life! We are all able to make choices and changes in our thought patterns at any time.

So, I choose to practice these steps, over and over and over again, as much as necessary until my thoughts naturally stay on “what is,” rather than straying to “what if.”

Some other tips that can help you be free from worry:

  • Get grounded: connect to the earth and focus on the beauty of the natural world.
  • Smile for no reason.
  • Do yoga, or move your body in a way that feels good. This is always a great way to come into the present.
  • Focus your thoughts on what you DO want to happen in your life. Create a positive imprint in your mind and emotions.
  • Sing or put on music that makes you feel good.
  • Get creative in whatever way appeals to you.
  • Pray, if you are so inclined. But do it in a way that states that you are grateful for whatever it is you’re asking for, as if it has already come to be. Having faith (in whatever way naturally calls to you) helps build trust in yourself and in the Universe.
  • Do something that helps you to relax.

What are your tips to stop worrying? Please share them with me in the comments. We can all use all the help we can get. :)

The Scent of the Sacred

Posted By Katrina Ariel On January 8th, 2014

The scent of the sacred permeates all life.

It is most fragrant at times of awe, love,
beauty, and even sadness.

Sometimes it is fouled by fear scents,
or blown about by the winds of struggle,
but the sacred is always to be found
if you are seeking it.

To breathe is to dance with the sacred,
to move is to explore and expand.
To imagine, delights all that is sacred,
And the universe sparkles on one divine hand.

To be still and pulled into the present,
to breathe and feel and belong in the now,
reminds you that you ARE the sacred;
that you are the singer of the song.

Presence of Gaia by Josephine Wall

It’s funny, I haven’t written poetry in such a long time. It was an incredibly ally in my youth, and then I began to sing and I tend to write songs now instead. Which is also good. :)

I did have a time in my life where I would wake up and sit down with a cup of tea and my book of Rumi. And often I am inspired by the prose of authors both humble and well known.

Please let me know in the comments if this has inspired you in any way . . . or better yet, leave some lines of your own poetry to continue the lyric.


Taking Leave from Teaching Yoga

Posted By Katrina Ariel On October 25th, 2013

Sometimes the best thing to do is to let go, step back, turn inward, and refocus.

This is where I am at in my life. I’ve (happily) spent the last 7 years teaching yoga, nurturing others, and focusing on my business.

I am now at a place where I need to focus on nurturing myself, my family, and my home.

To do this I need to totally withdraw from teaching.

For how long? I don’t really know. I do know that there needs to be no time limit or expectations around this: I just need to let it all go so that I can take care of myself.

Many of my students have become my friends over the years. You know who you are. I do love you, care about you, and wish you all the joy in the world.

All of the classes I was teaching are continuing. I have done my best to ensure you are in very capable hands by asking Deandra to take over my teaching. Enjoy her fresh energy, and please encourage her as you have done for me. Click here and “Like” Deandra’s Yoga Facebook Page so you can benefit from some of the goodness she is sharing!

Thank you so much for being a part of my teaching, and my life.

Here are some things I’ve learned along the way…

1) Many gifts come from tragedy. Read more…

Navigating Pain and Loss with Grace

Posted By Katrina Ariel On October 14th, 2013
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A rather talented intuitive once told me, “Your life is a demonstration.”

I took this to mean that by living my truth, I am often able to bring inspiration or insight to others. I also think that it means I am demonstrating to myself the depth of courage, love, and wisdom that lives within me, and all others.

This particular sharing is a very personal one, and I ask you, as always, to simply take what speaks to your heart, and respectfully leave the rest.

On Sunday I miscarried at 10 weeks of pregnancy.

I started having signs on Friday, and it was scary, not knowing what would happen. However the fear subsided when I knew that I was miscarrying. It was no longer unknown once the process started, and I realized all there was to do was let go and ride it out. My body did a very good job of naturally going through the process, though I will be recovering for some time.

I know that this is very common; that many women miscarry their first pregnancy, and that they often go on to have as many children as they wish. I have friends who have been through this and now have little ones, and this gives me great comfort.

The love and support I have been receiving from friends and family is so appreciated. If you choose to email me with your own words of care, please know that, though I may not reply, they will be gratefully received.

It happened on Thanksgiving weekend, and I find that interesting, especially since we had a house fire 5 years ago at the same time. I think it is a reminder to stay focused on what there is to be grateful for, even within the intensity and emotions of loss.

I also find it interesting that I miscarried a week after I had announced my pregnancy. It would have been much more convenient if it had happened before. Then I could have kept it all to myself and gone on with life without so many people being aware of what I’ve been through.

Yet, that isn’t really my way – to quietly pretend the world didn’t just shift for me. It is much more appropriate that it happened as it did. Because now I can tell you, with my characteristic open honesty, how I feel and what is helping me through.

All is Full of Love

First and foremost, this has been another deepening of Trust.

You can call it “Faith” if you prefer, as there definitely is an element of believing in something unseen. However, it is much more than that, since I have been shown time and again that I am truly taken care of. No matter what.

I keep leaning on that, and looking back on my life at the proof that I see: even in the most scary, uncomfortable, emotional times everything truly has turned out in the best possible way.

And so I stay with that trust. I remember in my heart and think often about how beautifully the mystery and magic of life unfolds when I allow it to do so, especially when it doesn’t look as I think it should. Read more…