Earth Healing Mantra ~ Om Shri Gaia Ma…

This song was inspired by my deep love and connection to Earth.

It welled up within me, whispering and then singing with awareness of the complete interconnection we all have.

I have climbed to the knees of a giant Douglas Fir Tree and sang this into the moss.

I have stood in the clearest stream of water, illuminated in sunshine. This mantra singing to me from within.


Om Shri Gaia Ma

Purnatva Gaia Ma


Beautiful, Abundant, Benevolent Earth Mother

You Are The FULLEST Perfection

Divine Mother Earth


Which means, in it’s most expansive grace, YOU are beautiful, abundant, and of the highest kindness. YOU are perfect in your human way, exploring through finding out what works and what doesn’t – a Divine child playing.

You are part of this beautiful Earth. Gaia, Mother Earth, is a part of you.

And so, if you recognize and resonate with this intention, this affirmation of the health and harmony that is the true essence of all that is, I invite you to take this mantra into your own heart.

And see how it feels.

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7 thoughts on “Earth Healing Mantra ~ Om Shri Gaia Ma…

  1. Nice Katrina.

  2. Dear Katrina,

    Your voice has an angel healing quality as you were singing this beautiful mantra. You could feel the loving energy of the mantra. For a moment, as I heard you sing the words, I could hear Mother Earth also singing with you! As the song continue, I felt I was there, and slowly other souls were walking and singing this mantra all around this forest! Embracing its loving healing connection with Mother Earth!

    Thank you for singing to us, and helping us sing with you!


  3. So glad you like it Carly – thanks!

  4. Abel, this is so beautiful! You really got to the heart and oneness of the mantra and I am amazed at your experience of it. Thanks so much for sharing!

  5. Thank you for this. I posted this beautiful video and your story on my article “Energy Healing For Gaia” with a link back to this article.


  6. Wow! What a beautiful article. Thank you very much for including me there, and for sharing it with me. 🙂

  7. Kostas Lymbertos

    Thank you for this beautiful mantra.
    I’ve been deeply touched.
    I’ve been singing the mantra since my first viewing
    And was inspired to make a Mala and infuse it with this prayer.
    108 acorns and one chestnut were picked and strung to make this earth healin Mala.
    It is truly a massive piece and it is in the service of Mama.
    Thank you for the inspiration.
    Bless you
    Hare Om

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