The Dance Of Breath In Pranayama: Ujjayi Yoga Breath

A large part of Meditation is the dance of breath, and the guiding of breath in Pranayama such as Ujjayi and even breathing, such as in this video, can be a beautiful gateway into a deep state of peace.

Maintaining a beautiful posture or seat in meditation is part of why the practice of asana is such a foundational and integral part of the practice.

So sit beautifully.

Whatever that means for you.

And enjoy your practice.

Ujjayi Pranayama Meditation

Begin by taking a breath of spaciousness

From the inside expand creating more space for your breath to move

Let your pelvis be heavy on the earth

Through your next inhale let your breath lift your heart taller

Your  side body, ribs, and chest rise

Shoulders slide sweetly back

There is a connection between the individual and universal sense of self.

Feel your breath. Allow it to move.

Honour the breath with your awareness. Receive it willingly and gratefully.

And then invite it to dance.

Ujjayi is like an embrace of the breath, inviting the sound of waves in the ocean of breath.

Breathe evenly in Ujjayi. Accepting the inhale and releasing the exhale in a smooth and respectful flow with the divine dance of prana.