Yoga Core Strength Exercises

If you add more core strength exercises into your yoga practice, your body responds by having more energy and feeling stronger. In the hopes of making up for all the treats and festive meals of the holidays, I’ve upped my workouts and increased the intensity of my yoga practices.

Yoga Core Strength Exercises Video

I’ve written an article outlining the sequence and alignment pointers in this video. There are some great photos as well. Check it out at HubPages Yoga Core Strength Exercises

Yoga Core Strength and Alignment

When you use the alignment principles of Anusara® yoga, which inform the practice above, your entire body participates in the pose. You also learn to focus your intent so you have your awareness adding to the potency of your practice.

In this approach to asana, there is a fullness that builds the core on many levels. You build the physical core by integrating and aligning the muscles and bones for optimal strength, endurance, and circulation. You also cultivate your inner core self in a way that makes it much easier to stay centered when life throws you curve balls.

In Anusara yoga, there is a concept called Balanced Action. This describes the harmony between two seemingly opposite forces that create perfection together. For example, when you use Muscle Energy and Organic Energy (two of the Universal Principles of Alignment™) in Balanced Action, you can find a place where drawing in and extending out make the pose feel amazing. Effort and ease complement each other when you have just enough of each.

By engaging your entire body in each pose and movement, with mindfulness and without over efforting, you build your core strength in many ways. And it feels so good!

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5 thoughts on “Yoga Core Strength Exercises

  1. Love the core practice. It’s great to see those asanas performed. My only comment (besides love it !)is more of an observation: it looks (from my view angle) that the insides of your elbows are not facing each other in high plank; almost looks a bit hyper-extended.

    Thanks for all you energy and light !!! Keep up the excellent info flow..

  2. Sew,

    Hi! So glad you enjoy the practice. Thanks for your observation. Yes, it’s possible that my elbows are hyperextended, as I have that tendency. It’s a practice, so I’m constantly refining, just like anyone else. At the same time, in my practice and understanding of alignment, it is more important to look at the overall alignment of the shoulders and foundation rather than if the elbow creases face inwards.

    I’m just checking my own alignment with awareness in the elbows, and if I do everything I know in balance and with my arms straight and not locked, my elbow creases do face slightly forwards. Each individual is a bit different in this, so I find it important to remember to look at the overall form when observing in order to discern what is optimal for each person.

    Thanks for your comment.



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