The Yoga of Honoring Yourself

Sometimes yoga is less about ‘doing’ and more about ‘listening’. Let me explain…

Every day is different, and your body is an amazingly complex beauty that is always communicating with you.

What was appropriate yesterday might not be what you need today, so it’s important to check in and take notice, rather than plowing ahead with your plan regardless of what signals you’re getting from your body.

Right now, in the cold, dark days of a Canadian winter, my body is telling me that it’s tired. Two days ago I was on fire and had tons of energy, but there have been quite a few days lately where I’ve needed to modify what I’ve wanted to do with myself.

Now, if you’re feeling tired sometimes just resting isn’t the best thing. Sometimes that’s exactly what you need, but if it’s all you want to do then often what you need to balance is actually some exercise to get more energy.

When I’m feeling like I have less energy than I’d like, I don’t neglect my practice, but I modify it. I still include asana and fitness into my daily life, but it might be a lot less, or of a different approach.

I know that if I do nothing at all, my circulation and energy can become stagnant and stuck. I need to keep up my practice in a way that honors the moment.

Restorative yoga is a great thing to incorporate if you’re needing more nurturing and rest. I’ll be posting a restorative sequence soon, complete with photos, so keep your eyes out for that.

Sometimes it’s nice to finish off a more upbeat practice with some restorative yoga, especially if you’re getting signals from your body that indicate that you need to de-stress or re-charge.

On the other hand, if you’re full of energy, take advantage of it and challenge yourself!

If you don’t listen to your body, you’re missing out on the most important aspect of yoga: being sensitive and aware of each moment and how to skillfully participate in life. When you DO listen to your body (and emotions and mental state), then you’ll know how to honor yourself in each ‘here and now’.

And, whatever you’re feeling, it’s super important to keep your practice fresh and fun. In my Kamloops yoga classes and yoga fitness boot camp in Kamloops, I’m constantly bringing new perspectives into what I teach. Often these are just different twists on the same themes, but they feel new and continue to breathe life into each person’s practice.

Yoga Practices

Here are some ideas for you, of varying degrees of intensity:

Easy Seated Yoga Practice

Quick Fix Yoga Practice

Yoga Core Strengthening Practice

Fitness Workout and Yoga Practice

See what your body wants and get your breath and body moving at the best pace for you each day. Remember, I’ll be posting a Restorative Yoga Practice soon, so come back to the blog to look for it.


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