Yoga for your Health in Kamloops

aisan-face-cu-peaceful19305595Whether you’re interested in maintaining your overall health or you’re working with a health condition or injury, yoga can be an incredibly valuable and transformational healing tool. And if you live in Kamloops, I would love to personally assist you in achieving your health goals.

Why is yoga so great for your health?

Great question! The amount of ways yoga brings balance to the human body and psyche are numerous and well documented.

One of the things yoga does is lower stress and tension, which are contributing factors to nearly every health concern. Stress reduction alone can bring your body back into a balanced place where your immune system and self healing capacity can regain their natural strength and abilities.

If you look at studies done with yoga and meditation, they both are shown to lower blood pressure and bring well being on many levels.

Here’s a list of some of the many health benefits of yoga:

Physical Benefits:

  • Balance hormones
  • Calms and balance the nervous system
  • Increases effectiveness of circulatory and respiratory systems
  • Increases circulation to all parts of the body, supporting health on every level
  • Increases strength, improving posture and strengthening bones
  • Increases flexibility, reducing pain caused by tense, pulling muscles
  • Increases range of motion and circulation in joints
  • Increases endurance and stamina
  • Supports and increases effectiveness of the immune system
  • Supports healthy, easeful sleep
  • Improves balance and kinesthetic awareness

Mental and Emotional Benefits:

  • Reduces stress
  • Increases your ability to access a peaceful state of mind
  • Increases ability to focus and concentrate
  • Decreases feelings of anger, anxiety and depression
  • Improves attention and memory
  • Increases feeling of well-being and self-acceptance
  • Overall happiness improves
  • Motivation and energy improves

Again, these are only SOME of the seemingly infinite benefits of yoga.

What kind of yoga is most beneficial if you have an injury or illness?

Well, the approach to each condition and each individual can vary, however some things are constant.

tree-pose-lake45390186The most important factor when you’re doing yoga is that you listen to your body, move with your breath, and align in ways that are most supporting of who you are. Your teacher should guide you in an uplifting way, and teach you how to align your body and thoughts optimally.

When you align your physical body optimally, you get optimal circulation and your body is given the most advantageous situation for self healing. When you align your thoughts and focus with a positive intention, then you’re really setting yourself up with an enormous opportunity for healing.

You see, the body is capable of healing itself from just about anything. If you look at any disease, injury, or health condition, chances of you finding cases of people who have healed miraculously, on their own, is very high. In most cases those people simply gave their bodies the environments they needed to do what they are designed to do: heal themselves.

Yoga is one of the most supportive methods to creating the optimal alignment and environment for self healing. Yoga is especially effective when coupled with other healthy lifestyle choices (such as healthy eating, reducing stress factors and toxins, drinking enough pure water, and so on).

What kind of yoga is best for simply maintaining well being?

Funny enough, the answer is much the same. If an uplifting approach that aligns all parts of who you are optimally is what heals, wouldn’t it make sense that that is the same thing that maintains health?

Even if you are healthy, we all have our own individual considerations, so you listen to your body and tell your yoga instructor if you have any pain or feel your body talking to you.

However, there are some things that are universal in the way they cultivate and support health.

Honoring your breath and aligning your body in specific ways give you a direct line into the freedom that is your birthright. Using your intention to pattern your thoughts in a positive way brings an overall well being that promotes health on every level.

When you choose a yoga class and teacher, make sure you feel like you’re being guided to practice in the way I just described. If you don’t feel uplifted, or like you’re learning to align yourself in optimal ways – if you don’t feel safe and supported, then you may want to consider trying a different class or teacher.

Yoga Classes and Private Yoga Therapy in Kamloops, BC

meditation01Personally, as a yoga instructor, I’m fascinated with the wonder of the body and its ability to heal and transform. I practice and teach Anusara-Inspired™ yoga, which is highly respected as an innovative and exceedingly effective approach to health and happiness.

I specialize in yoga therapy, which gives me a chance to work one on one and help people understand how to align optimally for their own individual needs. The results and responses I’ve had with this approach to yoga have been truly amazing and touching.

Find out more on my Private Yoga Therapy page.

I bring my passion for helping people find an optimal state of health and happiness in to every class that I teach.

By having elements of the playful and profound in each yoga practice, an ever unfolding evolution of self progress happens, and your whole being (body, mind, and spirit) is constantly re-creating itself in alignment with who you truly are and who you choose to be.

When you choose to be a healthy, happy person, the limitless methods of yoga can take you there.

To find out more about the yoga I offer in Kamloops, please visit my Kamloops Yoga page.

Blessings to you, wherever you are in your life journey. May you be healthy, happy, and in harmony with your highest idea of who you want to be.