Kamloops Yoga Classes

I just had TWINS! Needless to say, I’ve got my hands full being a mom, which is wonderful. I love it!

Ryan Phoenix (left), and Zachary Skye
Ryan Phoenix (left), and Zachary Skye

Though I’m not teaching any yoga classes in Kamloops at the moment, I have a book, CD, and an online video series to offer.

If you want to expand your knowledge of yoga and enhance your personal practice, please consider the following resources:


For an engaging, comprehensive yoga reference and study guide, you’ll enjoy
my book, Yoga for Dragon Riders:


Yoga for Dragon Riders and Gratitude are available in Kamloops at the following locations:

  • Nature’s Fare
  • The Art We Are
  • Golden Buddha
  • The Yoga Loft

They can also be ordered online by clicking on the links.


Listen to “Gratitude”
This music is beautiful, calming, and a great addition to any yoga practice: 

I am the singer/musician on this album (with help of a talented cellist).


This online yoga video series is a great way to practice without even leaving your home:

May your path be blessed, wherever it wanders,




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