Returning to Wholeness

We seek ourselves. Our true selves. This is the freedom every heart desires and this is the path of yoga.

Where is this freedom to be found? Is it waiting for us to accomplish a certain task or to have specific things lined up in our lives? No.

Wholeness is here, in the present, holding you. Always.

When we get caught up in past and future, in the pushing and pulling of what we think we need or what we want in order to be happy, we forget that what we’re looking for is right before us.

Happiness is a choice. Peace is a state of being that can be found in any moment.

Acceptance and full presence allow us to surrender all the things that get in the way and move into the whole, healed state of who we truly are.

Yoga invites you to remember who you are, and to step fully into the whole, true, authentic Self. Freedom awaits. All you need to do is turn towards it and recognize yourself within it.

Part of living the truth of who you are and stepping fully into your power is being able to surrender to full acceptance and to allow yourself to simply BE.

Yoga offers you so many ways to enter into healing. Restorative yoga especially is all about nurturing, acceptance, and returning to wholeness.

Surrender all struggle and rest in the cradle of healing.

Om Shanti Shanti Shanti

Rest. Nurture. Breathe. Be.