Yoga Radio: Breathing Freedom ~ The Power of Your Breath

In this episode of Yoga Radio with Katrina Ariel:

What happens if you sit up tall and take a deep breath?

How does the way you feel change?

Is there a difference even in the way you look at the world, or yourself?

In this Yoga Radio show we’ll be talking about the power of your breath and how each inhale and exhale can effect your health and overall wellbeing. You’ll learn ways to dance with your breath and use pranayama (breathing practices) and different techniques to move energy that can help you access the clarity and freedom we each desire.

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Yoga Radio: Breathing Freedom – The Power of Your Breath
Recorded LIVE on the VoiceAmerica network March 8, 2012.

This beautiful image and meditative poem are from my Doses of Delight Art and Meditation Set.

Breath Meditation from the end of this Yoga Radio show:

This meditation invites you into the space between your breath. By focusing on the gaps where your inhale turns into the exhale and the exhale turns into the inhale, you may find yourself also entering the gaps between your thoughts. Even if that’s not the case, it doesn’t really matter. Just see what your experience is, knowing that just the practice of sitting and breathing in a relaxed and mindful manner has so many benefits!

Invite your posture to become more beautiful and spacious…
Receive your breath by simply expanding and letting it enter you more deeply and joyfully…

Isn’t it amazing how something that subtle can feel that good?

In this short practice, you are given the opportunity to observe the space between your breaths, and how entering into that awareness can shift your state in a profound way!

The Space Between the Breath

Sit beautifully, settling into your hips and lifting up through your spine.

Take a few moments to simply observe your natural breath, noticing how your ribs expand and your heart rides upon the rise and fall of your diaphragm.

Think of your breath as a gift you receive as you open from the inside, allowing its waves of life energy to cycle through your body and being.

Once you are more in tune with the natural pulsation of your breath, begin to pay particular attention to the space between each inhale and exhale.

You don’t need to direct your breath at all, but just by focusing on these gaps you may notice that they become broader and more accessible.

Continue to feel and watch the top of each inhale and the bottom of each exhale.
What effect does this have on your mind and emotions…

How does it feel physically to focus on these spaces of transition?

Ride the waves of your breath as long as you’d like, enjoying the spaces in between.

Whatever your practice of pranayama, may it be a blessing of joy and peace that leads you further into the heart where all things become one.

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