Yoga Videos: A Short Practice To Fit Into A Busy Day

Here is a short but sweet little yoga practice for you. It fits easily into any busy day for a profound and enjoyable shift into peace of mind, equanimity of heart, and a happy, healthy body.

Part 1

Part 2

This is, of course, merely one sequence in an infinite number of possibilities. Yet it’s nice to have guidance, or at least a place to start from. In my personal practice, I use many of the postures featured in these videos as the basis of my practice, and then add in other asanas as I feel inspired to do so.

Being able to do a yoga practice every day, if your body wants it, is super helpful. On the days when I don’t do a full length practice, doing something like this asana sequence is a welcome way to honor my body and recharge at any time in the day.

Even 10 or 15 minutes of moving mindfully with the breath can get your circulation going and bring great relief to areas of the body that were tight. Our bodies are so important – they deserve for us to make time to take care of them.

It doesn’t take long, and wow does it make a big difference!

  • Please let me know what you think of this practice, and if you have any questions by adding a comment below. Thanks!

7 thoughts on “Yoga Videos: A Short Practice To Fit Into A Busy Day

  1. Dear Katrina

    Thank you for your words and time.

    May 2010 bring many wonderful gifts to you.

    Thanks for the gift of yoga


  2. Sharleen,

    You are so welcome. Thank you for your kindness and receptivity to what I have to share. May 2010 be a wonderful year for you as well!

  3. SO inspiring….i adore the way you guide me through the practice.

  4. So sweet Gilly! Thank you. 🙂

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