What do you seek?

Are you looking for a more enjoyable relationship with your body?

Do you crave a deeper connection in your soul?

Is your mind in desperate need of peace and calm?

These are all reasons people seek out yoga. Often the promise of more strength and flexibility is the first motivation. Or a desire to be free from pain.

Other times the curiosity of ancient knowledge or a proven method of realizing enlightenment are the primary draws.

Whatever your reasons are for choosing yoga, whether you are a beginner or an advanced yogi, there is always more available to you.

Lifetimes could and have been spent pursuing the path of yoga; union of mind, body, heart, and the energy that pulsates throughout the universe.

What do you seek? 

What freedom would you like to find through this practice?

And how can I help?

As a devoted student and dedicated teacher of yoga, my dharma is to seek and offer wisdom and methods to bring more enjoyment and fulfillment to the lives of any who come to me for guidance.

As an Anusara-Inspired yoga teacher™, I have trained with some of the world’s most highly respected instructors. I continually refine my skills, both as a practitioner and teacher of yoga, and have over 1000 hours of training and years of experience to offer out as expertise. 

I am deeply honored to teach yoga. I feel such humility knowing that this practice is life changing, and that the teachings I share have transformed the lives of hundreds of people.

In an effort to help as many people as possible, I have developed Online Yoga Services to make this method of life enhancement widely accessible.

In addition to my Free Yoga Services and Empowering Products, I have an Ask a Yogini section, where I invite you to bring me your questions.

May you find what you are seeking here. May you discover the truths and practices that bring contentedness of being, a joyful heart, a peaceful mind, and a body free of pain and full of vitality!