Awakening the World

How many times have you wished the people of the world would wake up, choose peace, and decide to live happily together on this beautiful planet?

Well, the good news is that the world IS awakening. 

And you are a part of it… 

Yoga is quickly becoming an aspect in the lives of many. 

The physical and meditative practices, uplifting philosophy, and increased awareness of yoga provides support and inspiration, creating an integrated web of open minded, light hearted people who share a similar vision of enlightened existence.

The extended family of yogis and yoginis is creating quite a community. One that comes together to celebrate life and remember their connection with a bigger energy. 

This web of consciousness has been built on the foundation of ancient wisdom and the efforts of every human being that has graced this planet with a life of service and love.

When you step mindfully onto your mat, or sit with awareness for meditation, you tap into unfathomable power. 

Through yoga you can transform your experience of the world, and as you feel more freedom, joy, and awareness of the interconnectedness of all things, your energy ripples out to touch the hearts and minds of others. 

Together we co-participate in the Awakening of the World!


Please add a comment below and tell me how you are contributing to peace, awareness, beauty and the greater world community through your yoga.