Spicy and Sweet: Yoga Can Be Delicious!

Spicing Up Your Yoga Practice

My all time favourite hot sauces made by my friend Ashif!

Yesterday morning in Yoga Boot Camp a friend of mine, Susy, taught us a blend of Latin Dance, Hip Hop, and fitness. It was a blast, with laughter and smiles all around, bodies moving to irresistible beats. I brought Susy in to spice up the camp, adding another dynamic element into an already outstanding program where every day is different.

Because it’s always fun to do something playful and different.

The same goes for your yoga practice. The variations and variety of possible poses and themes means you can taste a new flavour of yoga each time you come to your mat. Being willing to explore and expand helps you grow at whatever level your practice is at now.

This exploration, getting creative with your practice, brings immense enjoyment and wonder.

It doesn’t have to be through advanced poses either. There are playful and profound ways to empower your practice at any level, always moving towards the next step and finding contentment wherever you are.

Yoga Studentship in Degrees of Hot Sauce…

In Anusara® yoga there is a concept of studentship (adhikara) that can be related to various flavours of hot sauce. This is obviously an analogy, but a fun one to be sure.

Which one describes your practice?

Mild – Mildly interested in yoga. Practice is inconsistent but enjoyable when it happens.

Medium – Curious about learning more. Practice is mostly consistent, perhaps 2 times a week.

Hot – This is a dedicated practitioner who integrates some of the philosophy and probably has a meditation practice as well as a very consistent asana practice.

Habenero – Extra spicy! A yogi. Lives and breathes yoga as a path and practice that guides the experience of being human with deep integrity and bright joy.

None of the above flavours is ‘better’ than the other, simply different. Many people start at mild and then add some spice, which is what I invite you to do if you are moved to do so.

Next Week In Kamloops Yoga Classes

This coming week in class we’ll be cooking up a sweet and spicy adventure, tasting different variations of yoga poses you already know. Rest assured, there is an expression of each pose that invites any level, so this exploration is free of intimidation and open to all.

One expression of Dhanurasana. Yours might look different. 🙂

Think of it like a treat. Like a 5 course meal of the most luscious and delicious nature, yet one that offers all the flavour without any heaviness or regret. Instead, the sweet and spicy nature of your practice brings a lightness of body, heart and mind.

Contentment and tenderness within enthusiastic creativity.

Monday 9am Deep Healing Yoga will focus more on the sweet side of the palate, but bring in a bit of spice like meandering through a healing herb garden.

On Wednesday at 9am, our Anusara yoga practice will offer the fullness of choice: mild, medium, hot and extra spicy. Whatever your pleasure, come for a playful dance of the most scrumptious nature. There might even be some Latin music playing. 🙂

Pose of the Week: Dhanurasana

Bow Pose is a beautiful backbend, opening the chest, shoulders, hip flexors and thighs. It cultivates strength and an incredible flow of circulation while stimulating the internal organs. An excellent opening for the heart chakra as well as the 2nd, 3rd and 5th chakras.

Kamloops Yoga Boot Camp for Women:

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A Quote On Creativity…

“The creative is the place where no one else has ever been. You have to leave the city of your comfort and go into the wilderness of your intuition. What you’ll discover will be wonderful. What you’ll discover is yourself.” – Alan Alda

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