Finding Your Bliss In Balance With Yoga

What happens when someone gains insight and understanding into the mysteries of Life?

They become deeply loving and peaceful; the embodiment of bliss. They serve from the heart and change the world around them for the better.

Who comes to mind when you think of an “Enlightened Being?” Buddha, Jesus, Mother Theresa, Krishna, Gandhi? Maybe your Grandmother… I don’t know. 🙂

Though you and I may not yet have reached Nirvana, we do get moments where the spark of Spirit is so clear that we get a ‘hit’ of the enlightened state. We float in a sense of highest joy when this happens.

Our natural, whole, highest state is this pure bliss. The trick is finding it while balancing all of the events, distractions and responsibilities of life. Yoga helps us do this.

Each time you come to your mat with a willingness to connect to your heart you have a chance to tap into that source of bliss.

Each time you play the game of finding just the right amount of strength and softness, steadiness and surrender, you cultivate your ability to balance the many aspects of life while remaining in your center.

The physical poses and the dance of breath in yoga refines the frequency of your mind, creating clarity that can otherwise be elusive. There is also a natural happiness that comes from simply feeling good with flowing circulation and balanced hormones.

In meditation, you can cultivate an intimate relationship with the source of bliss within. Even if thoughts are still cycling through, by simply being still and having the intention to connect with Spirit, a shift takes place.

Personally, when I’m caught up in all the ‘things-to-do’ and feel like I’m not nearly as happy as I know I could be, I go to my mat. Sometimes I actually have to MAKE myself do yoga, usually because I’m just plain stuck in my body, mind and emotions. But once I center in and start moving with my breath, whatever was blocking me also moves, and I am able to once again turn towards the light of illumination and find my bliss!

May your own yoga practice bring you the highest bliss and the balance you seek in your everyday existence.

This week in my Kamloops Yoga Classes we’ll be exploring some fun and beautiful balancing poses, weaving strength and surrender into an experience of joy and deep calm. If you live in Kamloops I hope to see you there!