Hot Prizes for Kamloops Yoga and Boot Camp Participants

I love giving things away! I’ve just chosen the first two winners of the Super Student Prizes for my yoga and boot camp students, which are part of the Kamloops Local Business Love project I’ve launched.

Each week I’ll add the latest winners to this blog page, so you can follow along and read about people’s experiences with whatever they’ve won!

The happy surprise and glowing responses from the people who receive these gifts is so special. It just makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. 🙂

Remember to enter your name every time you come to class. The more often you come to yoga or boot camp, the higher your chances of winning a prize!

This isn’t all about prizes, of course. It’s simply one more way to motivate and reward you for staying dedicated to your practice and taking care of yourself.

Read About The Winners (and Imagine Yourself Among Them)

Week 1:

Super Student #1. The lovely Tana won the Yoga Boot Camp prize this morning, and will be going for a pedicure at Pink With Envy. The girls at Pink With Envy use natural products and are very good at what they do, so I can’t wait to hear from Tana about her experience there.

After class Tana told me “I’m actually excited about this – I never win anything!”

Well, love, now you do! 🙂

Super Student #2. A long time yoga student of mine, Leslie Bray, won the gift from the Yoga Class bag. She’ll be treated to a meal at Crush, which is a relatively new restaurant in town on Victoria St. near 7th. I’m impressed with the menu, atmosphere, and quality I’ve experienced at Crush, and am looking forward to hearing about Leslie’s experience there.

“What a wonderful start to my day!” Leslie said when I called her and let her know.

Both ladies also received a coupon for a free home-made soup at The Art We Are, which is one of my favorite places to hang out in downtown Kamloops.

Week 2:

Super Student #1. Elizabeth P won a fabulous treatment with Jennifer Larsen. It’s perfect, as Elizabeth said she’d been wanting to go to Jen for a while, and the AcuTonic treatment is such a sweet introduction as it’s a method of using tuning forks to balance the meridians (energy channels) of the body without using needles like traditional acupuncture (which is also very beneficial). Enjoy that Elizabeth!

Super Student #2. Tracy Jardine won herself TWO free lunches at excellent local restaurants. The first is from Bistro 326, and the second from Pure Cuisine, the new raw food restaurant. Both eateries are on Victoria street and run by really good people.

Week 3:

Super Student #1. Local Kamloops Interior Design goddess Karen Klein got a nice surprise at the end of a particularly fun Boot Camp session. She won a massage with Let’s Move Studio’s resident RMT, Jenn Johnson. Yay!

Super Student #2. Lynn H from yoga class won a AcuTonics treatment with Karen Houghton. Ah, what a wonderful way to find a blissful balance!

Week 4:

Will it be you? Come to class and find out! 🙂

Did I mention what a treat it is for me to be able to do this? Ah, abundance and generosity. May they grow and flourish for us all!

Read about all the prizes, rules and to watch a video, visit the Kamloops Local Business Love blog post.

Feel free to leave a comment below if you have anything to share. 🙂


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