Heart Space Meditation

The following meditation cultivates a spaciousness and light in your heart center, and a connection to the heart that holds us all.

When you are moved you feel it in your heart.

If the emotion you’re feeling is joyful or loving, you’ll likely feel uplifted, open, and bright. If the emotion is fear based or sadness, chances are both your posture and your internal feeling will be more closed down and contracted.

The more you practice feeling joy, love, peace and the like, the more these qualities show up in your life. The same goes for fear based feelings.

We create patterns based on what we experience, so you’ll find yourself greatly rewarded for cultivating an attitude that brings brightness to your heart.

Even knowing this, however, it is sometimes a challenge, especially if you’ve been hurt and find yourself feeling like there are walls up around your heart. If this describes how you currently feel, it’s okay. Know that you can create a different experience for yourself.

Often I think of the heart as a sanctuary of peace and wisdom, light and love. This meditation brings a sense of expansion and light to the heart center, where a great deal of healing can take place.

Heart Space Mini-Meditation:

Sit beautifully with an uplifted posture.

Settle into your hips.

Invite an inner spaciousness using your intention.

Feel your breath expand within.

Give your breath full freedom, and simply feel it move for a minute or two.

Once you feel centered and still, riding the waves of your breath,

Bring your awareness to your heart center.

Simply turn your focus to your heart, still feeling the pulsation of your breath.

Imagine a brilliant light within your heart.

With each breath, feel this light expand.

As the light grows ever outward through your body,

Feel your heart become more spacious.

Know that you are safe and protected by this light,

And allow the energy of your heart center to become even more full:



The energy that resides within your heart is a part of the Supreme Energy that breathes and weaves into creation all that is.

Feel yourself connecting to that bigger energy that is pure light and love.

Allow your awareness to reach effortlessly outward to touch the whole of the universe.

When you feel ready, bring the focus of your heart light back to surround your body,

And then focus on a safe, expanded feeling of your heart in your chest.

Remember that you are always connected to that vast and spacious consciousness that you just touched with your own awareness.

Again, feel your individual sense of self, your energy bright and yet contained within your own field and space.

Thank your heart for being so bright, and invite this lightness to remain with you.

When you are ready to move out of meditation, pause for a few breaths with your eyes open before continuing with your day.

May the light of your heart spark the spirit of joy in all around you.


8 thoughts on “Heart Space Meditation

  1. Katrina,

    This is so beautiful! I felt the breath of your words guiding me into my light with sweetness of life! Thank you my dear friend for shinning so much grace into my life!

    Love to your divine spirit! 🙂


  2. Abel,

    Wow! Thanks so much for your kindness. I am truly glad to offer what I have to you. Many blessings and love!

  3. Thank you so much Katrina!! This is just what I needed. It has come at a time when my heart is very heavy. Thanks so much for sharing yours.

    Many blessings to you.

  4. Katrina,
    Just when I feel myself slipping your messages seem to arrive. Sometimes during a stressful time and sometimes during a time when I need support to continue my spiritual path.
    Thank you so very much for all you have given to me. As Thanksgiving nears, I am reminded of all that I am thankful and you are one of those gifts.


  5. Nancy and Marie,

    Both of you speak about Divine timing! Isn’t it amazing how, just when we need it, something reminds us to re-connect?

    I’ve had my fair share of heavy heart, and I’m grateful to have yoga to guide me and help me change patterns that no longer serve. Sharing the things that work for me is a treat – having you tell me that it has made a difference to you is a bright blessing! Thank you.

  6. Awesome stuff! Very helpful in finding peace within ones self.. thanks Katrina..you are very talented in what you do and your boot campers are very lucky to have such a caring and devoted instructor as yourself.

    Jonas – New Orleans Boot Camp

  7. Thanks Jonas! I’m glad you enjoyed it. I’ve brought so much of what I learned from you in boot camp and what I’ve learned in yoga together, so it’s sweet that you appreciate the blend as well. 🙂

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