Deepak Chopra on the Physics of Being One

The last time I heard Deepak Chopra speak, I was inspired and deeply satisfied by the way he explained the physics of spirituality. He reminded me, in a way I hadn’t considered before, how everything is in a constant cycle. Dr. Chopra described how, at an atomic level, we are literally one with everything else. Each time you breathe out, you send very tiny parts of yourself out into the world. Each time you breathe in, you welcome molecules that were once a part of trees, oceans, your neighbors, Gandhi…

I appreciated this for a couple of reasons. Firstly, it was a beautifully crafted reminder that we are in a process of renewal on a cellular level at all times. Not only is the body recreating itself, but it is doing so with materials that have been the fundamental building blocks of all the wondrous forms of manifestation.

I also welcomed Dr. Chopra’s presentation because it is scientific proof of the fact that all things are interconnected in a dynamic, ever changing, and mind expanding way. When he spoke of the way we each contain molecules that have been part of the Great Pyramids, the Ganges, Jesus… I felt that hit home as verification that we really are one. Of course, there are a lot less glamorous things that are also mixed in there, but then they are also infused with the essence of greatness.

So, the next time you feel the illusion of being separate or alone, remember that, even on an atomic level, you are connected to all that is.

Mini-meditation: Penetrate Your Greatness

Sit comfortably.

Align your posture so your pelvis feels wide and heavy, your torso light and free.

From the inside, expand.

Invite your breath to breathe you fully, beautifully.

As you witness the cycle of your breath,

Think of the elements you are made of.

Visualize the people who you respect the most,

The magnificence of the natural world,

And open to the idea that you are made of the same stuff.

Each inhale and exhale moves particles in the great universal exchange.

Each cycle brings renewal and cleansing to the cells that compose your form.

Each moment of awareness brings you a deeper and more complete connection.

Sit and breathe.

Bask in the wisdom that says, “You, dear one, are a celebrated part of it all!”

Blessings and bliss,

Katrina Ariel


2 thoughts on “Deepak Chopra on the Physics of Being One

  1. You ask, “Do you like what I read from Daily Doses of Delight? Well…I LOVE what I read. You made reference to yourself as a Sage in the recital of your intention in class this morning. As the Dictionary describes sage, “profoundly wise person”, “of or indicating profound wisdom”. So very true. You inspire your students with your profound thoughts and teachings. Thank you for guiding us through this journey.

  2. Nancy,

    What kindness and grace you give me here. Thank you so much, you’ve made me feel so special!

    I am very grateful you’ve chosen to ride this wave of wisdom with me. I’ll keep learning and sharing. You inspire me to do so!

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