The first breath of spring

The first breath of spring…

It whispers a deep truth of hope. It invites you to plant seeds and grow into the next grandest vision of who you are.

What is that visionWhat variety of life do you choose to flower into this season?

The first thing, the most foundational element of yoga and life is intention. By being clear with your intention, you breathe in the potency of it. By coming back to your intention over and over again, you align with it; you take the steps necessary to manifest it.

What do you choose to bring into fruition at this stage of your life? Ponder that for a moment. Once you’re clear, write it down. “I am” is a powerful way to start. Envision it. Think of three things you can do that will nurture this worthy purpose. Write those down.

Spring brings with it the energy of creation. It invites you to play! So, for your mini-practice today, I present you with an art project. Just a small one, unless you’re inspired to keep going:

Using whatever materials are available to you, or whatever calls to you, create an appealing sign for yourself with your intention stated clearly upon it. It can be as simple or as elaborate as you’d like. You may want to draw symbols or pictures around it that support your vision. You may feel that just writing your intention neatly is enough. Whatever feels appropriate is wonderful. Do keep in mind, though, that the more positive energy you feed your intention, the easier it can blossom in the garden of your life.

When you have created your personal masterpiece, post it somewhere you will see often. Tape it mindfully to your desk, pin it lovingly to your vision board, place it in front of your yoga mat each time you practice, mount it on the fridge, or scan it in and make it your computer’s wallpaper… Each time you see it, pause in full awareness and say it to yourself. Repeat it. State your intention with such joyful confidence that there is no other option than it becoming reality.

Then sit back and watch your garden grow.

Happy spring!

Katrina Ariel

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