Hardship and Harmony

The other day I got off the highway on the way to yoga class and there was an elderly black man with a sign on the side of the road. I didn’t have anything to give him. When he looked at me I placed my hands together in front of my heart, bowed my head to him and said a silent prayer. He got it. I drove away crying.

Through the emotions that came, I found my way back to the teaching that we are, all of us, expressions of divinity. God is playing in manifestation as you and me. As that man on the side of the road. As the hardships and also as the beauty and harmony.

We all face challenges and hardship. What helps me the most is a profound trust that God knows what she’s doing. That she’s choosing these challenges out of a deep wisdom so that we can feel the full spectrum of being human. So that we can choose to evolve and co-create new experiences that are more uplifting to all involved.

In the pain I find something more. And we each find it differently. So I am here holding space for you to discover the deepest desire of your heart and bring it into your experience through gratitude, trust, intention and action.

Mini-practice: Courage and Grace

As you go through your day, approach each challenge (even the small ones) with courage and grace. When things come up that are uncomfortable, hard, or downright scary, take a minute or two to breathe slowly and evenly – use your yogic breath to find balance. Call upon the trust that is stronger and more steady than the discomfort. Be fully present in the moment with this trust in the power of Grace. Invite the gift that the challenge brings to reveal itself.

There are blessings in all of these transformations of the present. Take a deep breath and be with the shifting, as each end brings the promise of a new beginning. And always, with the right perspective of stepping back into the universal grand master plan, the next best

thing which births itself out of each challenge is an evolution of who you are.

One way or another everything really is okay.

Love and light,

Katrina Ariel

P.S. – Thank you for inspiring me by being who you are! Ripple ripple goes the energy out to

infinity, and into the infinite.


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