Manifesting Change

The world is constantly changing; sometimes in subtle ways, and sometimes in ways that are remarkably transformational, such as the recent US election. More and more, people are awakening to their power to influence what happens on a personal and global level.

Much wisdom has been circulated on the subject of shaping your reality. From live speakers to visual media and written word, the process of taking that which you want and bringing it into manifestation has been revealed. Thought, word, deed. Intention, Knowledge, Action. This is the process of manifestation.

It all starts with your intention. Having clear, pure intent is the most important and powerful way you can participate in your life, and the world around you. What is your deepest desire? If something material comes up, go past it to the feeling you will have once you get it. Often we yearn for more money, but forget to acknowledge that it is the freedom it brings that we truly desire.

May your yoga practice help you hone the skill of co-creating your experience. May you have freedom, joy, peace, and love, right now.


Sit with a posture that is both grounded and lifted with light.

Connect to your highest self with awareness of your breath.

Consider this:

What do you want most for yourself?

What do you want most for the world?

Once you are clear on your intent, focus it.

Gather your thoughts on this single purpose.

Visualize what it looks like.

Bring the feeling of it into this moment, this breath.

Be grateful for it, as if it has already happened.

Clearly state your intention in your thoughts.

To strengthen the power of creation, speak it aloud, with gratitude:

“I am grateful for….”

Breathe in the knowingness that the universe is conspiring to support you and bring your deepest desire into your experience.

When you are ready to come out of this creation meditation, begin acting in ways that support what you are creating. This is part of what Gandhi meant when he said:

“Be the change you wish to see in the world.”

To your being, I bow.

Katrina Ariel