Satya: Truth in Today’s Controlled Media

You are most likely aware of the fact that the vast majority of the media is controlled by a very few corporations, and that they are trying to use these powerful lines of communication to shape our thoughts and opinions. In part, the powerful few have achieved their goal, spreading mis-information and instilling fear and alarm into millions of people in the past and present. It is dishonest and manipulative.

Yoga invites us to see the gift in every aspect of life, so what good could come from this? Can you think of an opportunity for growth coming from a powerful few seeking control?

To me, it is a motivating factor to change. By seeing the damage these tactics have done to our society, we can choose not only to rise above it, but also be moved to participate in positive action. Our ideal vision, as a global community, is to share this planet in peace, health, and prosperity. But many people, and most governments, are not behaving in ways that bring that vision into reality.

Satya, the second ethical guideline of yoga, means truthfulness. Honesty in communication is essential for a balanced and healthy world. If we keep lying to each other, or continue to accept dishonesty as a part of our daily lives, we will not get where we say we want to go. However, if each individual chooses to think for themselves, speak their truth, and act accordingly, we absolutely can live the grand vision of world peace, taking it from a cliché to a well deserved and celebrated manifestation.

Your mini-mission, should you choose to accept it, is this:

Turn off your TV. If you want to watch something, go rent a documentary.

Seek out alternative and honest media. Read between the lines. Educate yourself.

Use your discernment and intuition to filter the opinions and ‘facts’ that are offered to you.

Think for yourself. By doing so, you empower others to do the same.

Support and encourage individuals and organizations who are making positive change.


Practice Satya, truthfulness, in thought, word, and action.

May we spread the light of truth across the Earth,

Katrina Ariel