A New Dawn of Hope

Can you feel it? The world is taking a deep breath. Hope, excitement, and a new awareness flows in the pulse of the planet.

Yoga challenges us to open to new perspectives. The philosophy offers methods of looking at the whole of existence in ways that can be mind altering in the best possible sense. The physical practice of asana guides your body into positions where you are literally seeing the world differently, often upside down! Mind, body, and heart are encouraged to constantly take a fresh view of reality.

The Mayan Calendar is a way of measuring time that takes into account different cycles of evolution. Although my knowledge of it is quite elementary, I was sparked by a friend telling me about the recent shift in the cycle.  November 13th, 2008, marked the transition from the year called the Fifth Night to the next year cycle which is identified as the Sixth Day.

According to the Mayan Calendar, this next year is one of birth, awakening, and new possibilities. It certainly does feel like it to me!

“The Fifth Night saw the beginning of the end of dominance. Dominance on every level is beginning to fall away: dominance of governments, religions, corporations, individuals, ego. Each individual will begin to realize their own worth as dominance falls away. Each will feel their own purpose, their own responsibility, and begin to realize their full potential as loving human beings.

“As we go into the Sixth Day, let us each be like the bud of a flower, ready to open to our full beauty. Let us embrace the ascending spiral of light with a flame of hope and gratitude in our hearts.”  (From http://www.mayanmajix.com/art3762.html) There are many other websites about the Mayan Calendar if you want to learn more.

Mini-Meditation (Remember to do this slowly. Take your time.)

Sit in a posture that is both grounded and bright.

Feel your breath move like light through your body.

Take a moment to close your eyes and center in…

When you feel a connection to your whole self, focus your intention:

Honour the cycles of life.

Acknowledge all that has brought you to this moment;

Not only the triumphs and sweet moments, but also the difficulties.

Respect the balance between the light and the shadow.

Remember that without the dark, we would not be able to fully appreciate the light.

With gratitude, come into the present with your awareness.

Accept yourself and your life, exactly as it is right now.

Sit with the peace of this acceptance.

Then, thank the universe in advance for whatever you choose to bring into your experience in the next year. Each moment holds hope and promise. Be open to the unlimited possibilities that are available.

Close your eyes and breathe, be with the stillness and silence for as long as you like.

To the dawn of a new age!

Katrina Ariel