Spring Equinox and Sunshine Sunday Registration

Oh, what a wonderful feeling: to see green things grow, to feel sun on your skin, to take deep breaths of rain fresh air.

How I love spring. It holds such promise; an invitation to each of us to open to new possibilities and expansion.

This year the Spring Equinox (March 20th) is also the time of a Supermoon Solar Eclipse.

What does that mean? Well, some parts of the world will be able to see the eclipse, but more importantly, the energy of this day is very potent. The moon is closer to the earth, and though it is a new moon so we won’t see it, the waters of the oceans are more effected by its pull. Since humans are made of such a high percentage of water, we also feel the closeness of the moon on some level.

Some ideas to help you observe this sacred day:

  • ~ Enjoy nature! Feel the presence of spring surrounding you.
  • ~ Let go of the last season, and release anything that no longer serves. A great way to do this is to breathe it out, then breathe in pure, fresh light and the intention of wholeness. Fire ceremony is also excellent!
  • ~ Do a yoga practice dedicated to some aspect of nature that appeals to you. For instance, you could place a flower before your mat and rejoice in the promise of a whole new season of flowers!
  • ~ Meditate, allowing yourself to sit in the present moment and simply feel the energy of it, even if it is very subtle. You will get it on some level, be it conscious or otherwise.
  • ~ Plan your garden or get out and work in it, feeling the soil and encouraging the plants with your presence. (Indoor plants would love the attention too!)

This is also an excellent time to check in with your intentions for yourself. Write them down, do a dreamboard, or simply bring them to mind in a clear way. Whatever feels right will be perfect.

I send you my blessings on this beautiful day!

I’m teaching another two hour delicious yoga practice:

Check out the details at the link below. It includes an active asana session, restorative yoga, meditation and more!

Click Here to register for the Sunshine Sunday yoga class on May 3rd. *

* The last session sold out so be sure to REGISTER EARLY to get your spot and receive the savings.

Here we are at The Yoga Loft after class. Ryan and Zachary enjoyed the space as much as their Momma!
Here we are at The Yoga Loft after class. Ryan and Zachary enjoyed the space as much as their Momma!


Thoughts on Spring:

“No matter what happened yesterday it is insignificant when compared to what lies within the core of your being today.”
~ Sandy Brewer

“It is spring again. The earth is like a child that knows poems by heart.”
~ Rainer Maria Rilke

“In the spring, at the end of the day, you should smell like dirt.”
~ Margaret Atwood

Practice. Breathe. Listen. Remember who you are. Live life fully!

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