So Close!!! A Sneak-Peak at the Cover of Yoga for Dragon Riders

Wow! Yoga for Dragon Riders is almost ready to publish!

Who knew self-publishing a book would be so much fun… And so much work!

Good thing I love what I do.

For those of you who have been asking me “When’s the book going to be ready?” the answer is, very soon! I hope to actually have the print version of the book ready on my original release date of March 21st. (I had to pick Spring Equinox ’cause that’s how I roll).

The layout is in it’s final, last-minute polishing. The cover is DONE!

All I have to do is send it to the production house and have them get it ready to print, up on their website for purchase, and ready.

I love that Yoga for Dragon Riders is coming out for Spring, because it offers so many practices for self-growth and transformation, which is what Spring is about.

Anyway, I promised you a sneak-peak at the cover so…

Here it is!

The artist who did the illustration is Liiga Smilshkalne, who lives in Latvia! Incredible artist.

I did the cover design. Here’s the back cover:

Your feedback is appreciated!

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