“Light and Divinity” Meditation and Mantra

In the quiet this morning, while breastfeeding my sleepy twin babies, the following meditation came to me.

Strange, perhaps, that I was sort of multitasking while meditating. However, breathing deeply and centering in can happen anywhere. It only takes a few minutes or even just a few breaths to connect to your divine truth.

First I’ll give you the mantra that came to me, then the meditation/visualization that came with it. You can use it as-is or make any alterations that feel right to you.

Using the mantra in repetition allows you to build the strength of the visualization.


I am one with God
I am a child of the Goddess
I am an expression of Divinity
I am Love
I am bathed in Light

(A note on God/Goddess: This mantra honors Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine, yet in the grand scheme of things, all is one. Again, work with what you believe and all is well.)


Sit comfortably in the best posture for you at this time.
Breathe deeply.
Relax any unnecessary tension in your body.

Inwardly, allow the mantra and the accompanying visualizations to guide you to your natural state of harmony.

“I am one with God.”

Imagine as a golden beam of light comes from your divine self through your crown chakra into you. It purifies and balances your chakras, core, physical body and light body. You are now fully glowing in golden light.

“I am a child of the Goddess.”

With your intention see the grounding connection that extends from your root chakra into the very core of the earth. From there a brilliant blue ray of light rises through your entire core and reverberates in your being.

“I am an expression of Divinity.”

Feel the divine resonance of the golden light that surrounds you, and the beautiful blue light that dances within you. You are pure, grounded, and your awareness becomes clearer with each breath.

“I am Love.”

Feel a rose-white light emerge from within your heart. It grows to fill your entire body, and the blue light expands to surround you.

“I am bathed in Light.”

Breathe and feel every cell of your body sparkle with light.

Remember, you can alter this meditation and mantra so they are perfect for your own beliefs and preferences. The main thing is to align with your divine truth and feel yourself awash with light! Enjoy. 🙂