Just Breathe . . . Smiling is also Good

meditation01Today’s message is short and sweet, a simple reminder that your breath can be your best friend.

Yesterday I stepped outside and found myself absolutely engaged in the beauty of my breath. I’d been sitting at the computer for a while, probably slouched over, and wasn’t feeling particularly energetic or centered.

Yet, after only a couple of minutes of standing tall and letting my breath flow, there was a noticeable and welcome change in my entire body.

So, please consider this an invitation:

Sit tall, breathe deep.

If you can, go outside for some fresh air, and notice the difference it makes.

If you want to take it a step further, envision the way your lungs expand, gratefully moving in all directions as you inhale the life-force of prana.

As you exhale, feel how you can effortlessly invite your body to expel just a little bit more air, gently releasing toxins or any feelings that no longer serve you.

Each inhale is a chance to start fresh, to bring more peace and wellbeing.

Each exhale is an opportunity to relax, release.



Delicious, isn’t it?

Want to make it even better? Smile! Yep, that’s right. Feels good, doesn’t it?