Happy Winter Solstice!

goddess-shastaI love this time of year. Okay, so maybe I’m over winter by February, but the magic and celebratory nature of late December is special to me.

One of the things I enjoy the most is balancing the busy-ness of the holiday season by tuning in to nature’s wisdom.

Winter Solstice, otherwise known as Yule, is the longest night of the year. It invites us to turn inward, to embrace the nurturing, creative potential of darkness, and be grateful for all that has come before.

It also invites us to see the light renewed, as, from this point forward, the days will grow until we reach Summer Solstice once again.

On the cycles turn, asking us to flow with the ever changing weaving of life.

I offer you this meditation as one way to observe this potent time:

Sit beautifully, and tune in with your breath.

Take your time. Settle in. Grow taller.

Feel the earth below, the sky above, your breath within.

Invite an inward directed smile.

Now, take a minute or two for gratitude. What are you grateful for in your life right now? What blessings do you want to acknowledge from the past year?

Really feel the thankfulness as it rises and grows within you. It’s as if you’re glowing with gratitude!

Next, take a moment to think of what you wish to invite in the next year. What seed of intention do you want to plant in the limitless potential of darkness, just before the New Year dawns?

Once you have your intention clear in your mind, go back to gratitude, imagining yourself with that intention already manifest.

Then, let it go. I like this phrase: “Thank you, Universe, for taking care of all the details.”

With a deep breath, bring yourself firmly to the here and now, and enjoy the rest of your day!

Brightest blessings in the deepest night,


P.S. That’s right, it’s a gratitude sandwich. Gratitude + Intention + Gratitude = Good Stuff Happening.