For The Fun Of Yoga

shiva-shaktiOne of the reasons Anusara® yoga is so wildly popular is because we have fun!

Sure, we go deep, we meditate, we ponder things like the meaning of life and how to save the world. We have compassion for tragedy and suffering, and we serve from our hearts to bring more light into the world.

Yet through it all we also laugh, play, interact with each other, applaud people’s new discoveries and make beauty through creative expression in beautiful, empowering poses.

Think about it; you’re much more likely to do something if you’re having fun, right?

Here’s proof that making things fun, even things that require effort, really works! Have you seen this video yet?

I love it! People are more fun when they’re using their creative abilities, playing in their bodies and smiling and laughing.

  • How do you make your practice more fun? Leave a comment below and make someone smile!

Here’s one more video showing how fun can change the world!


2 thoughts on “For The Fun Of Yoga

  1. Thanks for that Katrina. The world needs more fun! Doesn’t everyone?

  2. Definitely. Laughter and kindness are transforming the world. 🙂

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