Show Up & Let Go

chakrayogaOne of my first teachers, Shane Perkins, is beloved in my heart for his clear embodiment of unconditional love. He taught me much simply by the way he conducts himself with kindness and integrity at all times.

When speaking on the topic of meditation, Shane summed it all up in these words:

“Show up and let go.”

Show up, as in be present, be aware, be in the here and now. Then let go, meaning release the struggle, let the thoughts float by without attachment, allow the moment to simply be.

Applying this approach to meditation and life can be an ongoing practice, to be sure, but one that is infinitely rewarding. Let’s try it now, shall we?

Mini-Meditation: Show Up and Let Go

Sit beautifully; be comfortable and light.

Open to your breath and feel your awareness expand.

Draw all of your attention to this moment, right here, right now.

This is where the magic is!

Simply sit and breathe.

Feel the blessing of your breath as it nourishes your entire being with prana.

Every time your mind tries to wander off and follow thoughts, let them dissolve.

The breath is all you need. This moment is all you need. It is transformative.

Show up, again and again. Be here now.

Let go, again and again. Let it flow.

Show up.

Let go.

Show up.

Let go.

And through this profoundly simple process,

Notice yourself diving deep into the truth of who you are:

Unconditional love and peace.

Om guru om


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