A New Dawn Of You

sun“It’s a new dawn, it’s a new day, it’s a new life… For me… And I’m Feeling Good!”

These words, sung by the great Nina Simone, are super relevant, especially today.

As the daylight wanes and night grows longer in the Northern Hemisphere, the veils between what we generally think of as ‘reality’ and the ‘mystical’ fade. This gives us a chance to connect in a new way with the energy that pulsates as life, and the current of manifestation.

Right now, the new moon halfway between Autumn Equinox and Winter Solstice, is the Indian New Year, also called Diwali. This time of year is a transition between the fullness of summer and the inward gaze of winter.

This is the time to plant seeds for the next cycle. It is time to look back at what has come before; to be grateful for blessings and identify what no longer serves. In India they do the equivalent to our spring cleaning at this time. This is a chance to get rid of things, ideas and habits that don’t support your vision for yourself.

Darkness is where seeds germinate. When you feel into this time of year it invites you to get clear on what you want to be, how you want to serve, and in which direction you choose to go during the next phase of your life.

By honoring the darkness with seeds of your intent, you tap into a potency that is open to you in this time. With your clarity and the energy of life, unlimited possibilities await!


Align your posture beautifully to come into clarity in this moment

Expand, empty out from the inside, and allow yourself to be filled with breath

As you take each breath, feel the life force of prana dance within

Hips and legs earthy, heart light,

Feel how your alignment opens you more to the energy of the now.

Take a moment to review the past year.

Don’t get caught up in stories, but offer gratitude for blessings.

Acknowledge anything that does not serve your true and highest self.

Thank those things for the roles they have played, then, with a deep breath,

Exhale that which no longer serves out and down, right into the core of the earth.

(You can do this a few times if you’d like)

Now, still in awareness and reverence of your breath,

Think about what you want to create in the year ahead.

Go big with your vision – what is the highest of your intentions?

What serves the whole world AND you as an individual?

There can be many layers to these seeds you plant,

Yet make them for the highest good, and they will be nurtured more fully by the energy of light.

Once you’re clear on your intention, think of a seed (or seeds) in your mind.

Plant these seeds, infused with your highest will, into the fertile soil of this new cycle.

Water them with love, rock them gently with your breath,

And then let them be to germinate in the darkness of unbounded creative energy.

Bright blessings,

Katrina Ariel


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