Going Into Retreat

scenery-creek02Wow. Sometimes even the word “Busy” doesn’t quite describe the pace of life, does it?

How about something like “Radically crazy full of things to do, people to see, interests to explore… Overwhelming at times yet somehow enjoyable all the same”?

I know, I’m a yoga teacher. If we went with the general idea of what that means you’d think I have loads of free time spent doing pretzel poses and esoteric meditations. Well, I do some of that, but even teachers get super busy and need yoga retreats.

I should be sleeping. Really. I’m about to leave the country, I have multiple To-Do lists staring at me, and each morning it has been harder to get out of bed because I stay up late writing. Not to mention the fact that I just got out of the shower and am sitting, wrapped in a towel at my computer. Slightly ridiculous, yet true.

But I love it! My brain loves it. The words come and I simply have to get them out or they won’t leave me alone.

What I’m really looking forward to, though, is a change of pace.

I’m about to spend a week in retreat. It may not be a typical idea of retreat, as I’ll be doing over 42 hours in yoga training, however it will be a very different pace than usual.

For one thing, I’ll be staying at a monastery on a hill of rose quartz. It isn’t a religious retreat, though it is spiritual – I’m attending an Advanced Therapeutics training with John Friend. This location, though I haven’t yet been there, intrigues me.

I’m looking forward to the quiet, the inward gaze, and tuning into the energy that pulsates in everything. It will be wonderful to step back from outside responsibilities and focus on my personal journey.

What I love about inner work is it makes me a more balanced human being. I worry less and live more; I enjoy life more fully, I’m nicer, I smile more, I have more fun. These all come from working through old ‘stuff’ and refining the practice of being in the moment.

As a teacher, all this work on myself translates into an ability to be more available for others. I have more capacity to be present. And, of course, I’m learning skills that directly support healing which I then can use to help those who come to me.

Everyone Deserves A Retreat Now And Then

Really, we all need to step away from the ‘normal’ pace of life every so often. To have space to clear is important for everyone. It gives you a chance to return to the essence of yourself and get clear on what your focus is.

You can do this in a number of ways. It could be as simple as a walk in nature, or as extravagant as a full on yoga or meditation retreat. Get creative, and set aside some time just for you. You’ll not only feel better yourself, but the people around you will appreciate the calm and refreshing feeling you’ll waft around with your light heart and sparkly eyes.

  • Have a creative retreat idea? Post it below as a comment. Maybe it will be the perfect thing for someone else!

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