Autumn Equinox Yoga: Set Your Intention

Times of transition are extra potent, though setting your intention at any time is excellent. Watch the short video above to learn more, and listen to me share my intention with you.

Feel free to post your intention as a comment below if you want to share it with me and others here. 🙂

My Autumn Equinox Intention

I choose love and light, health and wealth, joy and laughter, peace and beauty.

I choose to be a blessing; to myself, to this planet, and to all the divine children who play upon it.

I choose to live in the ONE truth and magic of the Here and Now.

I am a Sage. I am a Child of God. I am that I am.

I welcome the highest goodness, and GRACE, into my life in ABUNDANCE.

I dance this grand game in GRATITUDE –

In harmony with all that is.

Om Namah Shivaya

Om Shri Lakshmi Namaha

Om Shri Shakti Ma

And so it is.


4 thoughts on “Autumn Equinox Yoga: Set Your Intention

  1. Beautiful intention Katrina, I always look forward to your sharing of your heart. I will share this with my students – your ripple of light continues and expands

  2. Thank you Katrina,

    I am inspired and reminded by viewing your Equinox Intention that there are many of us giving thanks and feeling blessed and aligned with the awesome powers of nature and the sacred Earth. I am trusting it is ok that I sent along the one I wrote and shared with my close friends and family….decided to hear your words and share in trust.
    From my heart

    Autumn Solstice

    the amber glow so beautiful
    the cool crisp air
    the scent of the earth
    the leaves as they dance to the ground
    summers bounty returns to her
    the wind as it awakens the senses

    the salmon as they return to their birth
    the signs that nature has a journey as beautiful
    as the one before and the one yet to come

    the first crisp bite of an apple
    a pears simplistic beauty
    the markets
    colours…ah the colours
    change inevitable
    let go of the days
    embrace the nights
    surrender to the shadow
    the autumn sun
    feel her warmth
    the harvest moon
    feel her strength
    the elements that be
    thank her for her bounty
    for her beauty
    for inspiration
    for new beginnings

    celebrate the solstice
    thank the Mother…
    Embrace the Earth

    Laura Hay

  3. Beautiful – thank you for the reminder!

  4. Katrina! Thank you for sharing your Fall Equinox intention with so much love! It made my heart open more to Grace! Your words inspire me to define what Fall Equinox means to me, and I would like to share it.

    ~~~ Fall Equinox ~~~

    The Fall Equinox is a Sacred Gateway, it serves us to ascend into higher spiritual awareness and a deeper knowing of Self.

    At every crossroads and gateway in our lives we are asked to let go of something so that we can more fully embrace the new and what is to come.

    The Fall Equinox is a Gateway into our hearts designed to assist each one of us as we walk through our individual doorways.

    The Fall Equinox allows us to celebrate a new journey into greater wholeness and liberation. Miracles abound! Joy overflows! Hearts Celebrate! We spread our wings and fly!

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