10 Tips to Transform Your Body in Kamloops

Getting fit is a lot easier than you think. If you need some help getting started, check out the following 10 tips that will help transform your body.

  1. Be active most days of the week. Physical activity will help you burn more fat and control your weight.Walking, running, participating in an organized exercise class, raking leaves, and playing outside with the kids are all examples of physical activity that can burn calories and help you maintain or lose weight.
  2. Eat mindfully. Many people go through the day eating all types of food without thinking about it. This can add up to a lot of extra calories and pounds.Scraping the last spoonful of food from a bowl when cleaning up after dinner can run up your calorie tab. Think about what you are eating and why. Are you really hungry or eating for some other reason?
  3. Eat more fruits and vegetables. Fruits and vegetables are low in fat and are good sources of fiber. Fiber makes you feel full so you eat less. Eating less will help you maintain your weight.Fruits and vegetables also contain important nutrients that keep the body functioning well. Fill half of your plate with vegetables when eating lunch or dinner.
  4. Drink plenty of water. Water is calorie free and helps flush the body of impurities. Drinking water also helps prevent water retention and can improve metabolism.
  5. Add some weight to your workout. Adding free weights or strength training to your workout will help you develop lean muscle mass. Building muscle can help you burn more fat, even when at rest, resulting in a leaner healthier physique.
  6. Turn off the screen. Screen time includes time spent watching television, playing video games and surfing the web. Screen time is often accompanied by snacking. Turn off the screen and spend more time being active.
  7. Prepare more meals at home. When you prepare your own meals, you control the ingredients. This will help you avoid too much cholesterol, fat, and sodium, all of which contribute to nutrition related chronic diseases like high blood pressure.
  8. Get adequate rest. Rest breaks at intervals during the day can revive your energy. Getting enough sleep can help you maintain a healthy weight.Sleeping at least 8 hours per evening can promote healthy weight. Not getting enough sleep can slow down the metabolism.
  9. Eat calcium rich foods. Vegetables are often overlooked as sources of calcium. For example, leafy greens like spinach and kale are great sources of calcium. Others include broccoli, artichokes and soy beans.
  10. Eat a healthy breakfast. Many people skip breakfast, but this is an unhealthy habit. Eating a healthy breakfast can help get your metabolism motor running, which will help you burn calories throughout the day.

Make fitness a part of your schedule. Whether preparing meals at home or walking each day, you must make a conscious effort to add fitness to your everyday routine. Get the family together and plan meals around healthy foods. Set aside some time everyday to exercise. Schedule a couple of hours each day to turn off the television, computer or video games and engage in more constructive activities like walking or washing the car.

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