Yoga Radio: Smile! It’s yoga for your face.

Yoga Radio with Katrina Ariel

In this episode of Yoga Radio with Katrina Ariel:

Yoga doesn’t have to be overly serious, and it isn’t just done on the mat.

There are so many ways you can weave the physical and philosophical benefits of yoga into everyday life that, quite frankly, will have you smiling more and more.

Why does yoga feel so good? How can it help you dispel doubt and surmount struggle? And what are some things you can do right away, without even getting on a yoga mat, to get more yoga bliss even when life is hectic and challenging? Listen to this Yoga Radio show, and learn what yoga can do for you in each and every moment. Breathe deep, invite delight, and feel stress melt away as your smile grows!

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Yoga Radio: Smile! It’s yoga for your face.
Recorded LIVE, February 2, 2012, on the VoiceAmerica network.


Here is the meditation from the end of this Yoga Radio show:

When I met my boyfriend Casey he told me about this practice he calls “happy meditation.” You think of a memory or thought that brings joy, then you stay with the feeling of happiness, letting the thought float away.

You can do this with any feeling: love, gratitude, peace, compassion, forgiveness.

Any attribute that brings light and healing to you is worthy of your attention. The key is to really penetrate that feeling and use it to bring yourself fully into the moment.

Happy Meditation


Align your spine and sit beautifully.

Take a few breaths to feel your body.

Feel your breath.


Then, think of a moment in your life that brought you great happiness

Let the feeling of joy fill you.

If it begins to fade, think of another happy memory.

Let the memories bring the feeling to you so strongly

That you can simply stay with the feeling of joy,

And let the image of the memory dissolve.


Close your eyes and breathe here,

In the warmth of your heart,

In the fullness of this feeling.

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