The Secret to Greatness

Do you know the secret to Greatness?

Mastery comes from being humble and receptive, from opening to greater possibilities.

Humility is a softening. To me it is so comforting because I acknowledge that I am not alone. To be humble is to accept the unseen support that is always there; to honor and co-participate with the organizing energy of life.

To clarify, being receptive is not necessarily being passive. It is an opening both passive and active, depending on what is appropriate for each moment or situation. Sometimes you have to summon courage to stay open in the face of challenge, but by trusting the universe and flowing with your intuition, somehow it all works out perfectly.

Through humility you attune to the guiding force of grace. By riding these energetic currents, you evolve and rise to the magnificence that is your true nature.

Mini-Meditation: Soften and Receive

Adjust your posture so you are sitting tall and comfortably

Settle into your sit bones and let your hips be heavy

Connect to the expansive, nurturing planet beneath you

Become more spacious, and open to your breath

Rise up through the river of light that is your spine

Shine the light of your heart out through your skin

Lean back a bit, coming into your back body

Open to the universal aspect of yourself, filling your back with breath

Without collapsing your posture at all, soften

Soften your skin, and feel beyond your physical boundaries

Feel yourself be breathed

Attune to the pulse of life, the Om that vibrates in all things

In this humble receptivity, offer a prayer in whatever way feels best for you

Remaining open, allow the many blessings of spirit to add to your light

Breathe in the luminosity of this sensitivity

When you are ready to finish, invite the feeling of humility to remain, and be open to the revelations of greatness!

I bow to your light, and the one radiance that brightens us all,

Katrina Ariel