Meditation For World Peace

This guided mediation helps you visualize a peaceful world of light. It is beautifully powerful, and I hope you will enjoy it enough to incorporate it into your meditation practice more than once. 🙂

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Meditation For World Peace

Remember to sit back, take your hands off the computer, and breathe your way through this meditation.

Meditation for Global Peace

Sit comfortably with your spine beautifully balanced and close your eyes.

Take a breath and settle down into your hips and legs.

Feel the earth beneath you.

Let your inhale breathe you taller.

Feel your heart rise, and gently direct your shoulders back so your heart is revealed in all its beauty.

Open the front of your throat slightly so you feel the crown of your head floating above your tail bone.

From the inside, become spacious.

Expand your awareness past your physical boundaries.

Feel your breath naturally grow deeper and more free with this spaciousness.

Gather all of your focus into this moment right now.

Feel yourself be breathed.

Now focus your awareness within your own heart.

There is a light so bright within you, so resplendent, that it has never known darkness.

Connect with that pulsating, glowing light.

It is the light of pure consciousness.

As you breathe, this light grows.

With each inhale it expands.

With each exhale, soften and feel your self sparkle.

With your next breath, feel the light effortlessly penetrate past your skin.

See yourself completely filled and surrounded with light.

Take a breath to feel this in every cell of your body.

Now, from that boundless source of deep peace and love in your heart,

From the energy that is this light,

Extend a pillar of light from your heart into the core of the earth.

Watch this beam of light connect your heart and the heart of the earth.

The beam of light anchors itself in the center of the planet, then returns back to the center of your own heart.

Take a breath to feel your connection with the nurturing, ever giving planet which we call home.

Now, bring your focus back to your heart.

From the pure, powerful, ever peaceful source of light within

Expand your light out around you to fill the room

Saturate every nook and cranny of the space you are in with light.

Now, expand this limitless light out beyond your immediate space.

See it extend through your neighborhood, quickly covering ground until the entire country is covered in a blanket of light.

See the boundaries of nations dissolve in this light.

As you take your next breath watch the light wrap around the entire earth.

The whole planet is cradled in the light of peace.

You can even see particular places of instability like Afghanistan, the middle east, Africa, Mexico, and all others held in the healing power of this light.

Feel this breath help peace settle in these places.

Come back into your heart with your focus, still seeing the world held in light, and reconnect your awareness with the center of the earth.

See every point of light on the surface of the earth now connect with the pulsing loving light at the heart of the earth.

You are sitting on a planet that is totally saturated and surrounded with light.

Feel the profound peace that is this light.

Now, with your next inhale, draw on that fathomless source within

Exhale and feel your self pulsate with this power.

Staying centered in your heart, see the planet in your mind’s eye as if you were witnessing it from space.

Keep this image in your mind and yet feel yourself sitting on the earth, totally aware of the light that connects the entire world.

With an inhale extend light both down into the heart of the earth and up thru the crown of your head

With your exhale see the entire planet shine light out from the heart into all points of space.

Feel the stars shining into you as you touch them with light.

Fly through the galaxy and out into the universe as the light of the earth sparkles like a galactic diamond.

Now, come back into the sweet peace of your own heart.

Bask in your breath.

Say a prayer for peace now.

May all beings be happy.

May all beings be free from suffering.

May all beings choose to embody love, joy, and peace.

May this planet be blessed with the healing light of pure love and profound peace.


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