Give Yourself a Fresh Start

How often have you held yourself back by clinging to an idea of who you are that is based on who you used to be?

Of course, your past has brought you to where you are now. It’s important not to belittle any of the experiences that have helped you become who you are, because there are gifts in even the most frustrating or difficult times.

They help you grow stronger and discover what you’re truly capable of doing.

However, the past does not define you.

Yoga reminds you to be present in the moment, which means letting go of the past and not being fixated on the future.

Who you have been is not necessarily who you are now. And it certainly doesn’t have to be who you are becoming. The feeling of wiping the slate clean is pretty amazing, so if you’re interested in giving yourself a fresh start, try this:


Take a deep breath.

Sit up tall and feel your hips settle into the seat beneath you, and the earth below.

Allow your breath to deepen even more fully, flowing more freely.

Soften your face, letting tension go from your jaw, shoulders and neck.

With your next deep breath, exhale through your mouth with the intention of letting go of the past.

With the inhale, open up to the feeling of a completely fresh start.

Exhale, and say to yourself, “I completely let go of my attachment to what has come before.”

Inhale and say, “I allow myself to redefine who I am in this moment.”

You can repeat these affirmations, or make up your own for a few more deep breaths.

Allow yourself as much time as you can for this exercise, moving as fully as possible into the feeling of letting go of any clinging to the past.

As you do so, also feel as deeply as you can the freedom of opening effortlessly into the promise of choosing who you are in this moment, and who you are becoming as the future unfolds.

Finish with a smile, and thank yourself.

Here’s to a clean slate, and a fresh start in every moment!


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