The Body Is Your Temple: Shine And Play!

vashistasanaIt’s interesting how we transform as human beings, and how much yoga has played a part in my own self alchemy. I didn’t have a whole lot of respect for myself or my body when I was a teenager. Yet now I realize my body is a temple for spirit.

I went from smoking cigarettes and eating at McDonalds (I know, I can hardly believe it myself – it seems like another lifetime), to doing yoga and eating vegan. Talk about an about face!

What made me change so much? I suppose part of it was the natural progression of maturity, but I attribute the most significant changes to the fact that I WANTED to become a better person. And yoga showed me the way to a more complete vision of who I wanted to be, and by living this vision, I have a lot more happiness and fun in my life.

The transformation of who I am is no more or less impressive than your own process of becoming who you are.

We are constantly developing ourselves, rediscovering ourselves, and recreating ourselves. Think of how much you’ve gone through to be where you are today.

And as much as inner awakening and intellect are important, as crucial as your intention is, the body is the physical manifestation of spirit in this game of life.

The body is truly a temple, and you shape it through your thoughts, words, and actions. You create who you are with your intention. And, of course, the way you take care of your body affects how you feel and think and act.

Your body is Divine. What do you do to glorify this gift of being embodied?

When you open to the idea that your entire being – that which you can see and feel, and that which escapes the outer senses – is a temple for spirit, it gives you a perspective from which to assess how you treat yourself. It helps you see where you might want to concentrate in order to find more balance.

And, as you nourish, breathe, think and move this beautiful temple of flesh into a more capable, content, vibrant being, you expand your capacity to enjoy the sacred play of life!