Yoga Radio: Going Deep into Yoga with Desireé Rumbaugh

Desiree Rumbaugh

In this episode of Yoga Radio with Katrina Ariel:

Have you ever seen someone in a crazy pretzel yoga pose and wondered how they do that? Or perhaps you seek inspiration in different ways, like wanting to get the most from a simple practice in yoga and go deep into how it can translate to supporting you off the mat.

My guest, Desireé Rumbaugh, is a world renowned yoga instructor who can not only get into those crazy-awesome advanced poses, but is well known for her light-hearted approach to bringing the depths of yoga to anyone, no matter what their level of practice.

I really enjoyed this conversation, especially the “Love is Stronger than Fear” message she brings so clearly to us. We got into talking about Avatar too… Des and I both loved aspects of that movie and how much it reflects some of the fundamental elements of yoga. Get ready for a fun discussion with this incredible woman!

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Yoga Radio: Going Deep into Yoga with Desireé Rumbaugh
Recorded LIVE on March 29, 2012.

Guest Bio:

Photo from, photographer Jack H. Davis

Desireé Rumbaugh is an internationally recognized yoga instructor who has inspired people on and off the mat through her classes and workshops, as well as articles in publications like Yoga Journal.

She excels in leading people into deeper, advanced poses, yet she also guides many yoga therapy courses which are focused on shifting the patterns of pain into a state of ease and freedom.

Her Yoga to the Rescue DVD’s present yoga from a therapeutic perspective that you can do at home, and you can find the Yoga to the Rescue DVD’s on, as well as more info on Desiree including her workshop schedule at her website

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