Yoga Magic

Orion-Nebula-NASAWe all seek magic. That something special that sparks and dances in our eyes, minds, and hearts.

Yoga can help us find it…

Meditation, asana practice on the mat, mantra (chanting) and other traditional forms of yoga are deeply potent with magic.

Yet there is more – much more – that we often miss in every day life. This is where the practice steps off the mat. This is where our yoga is played out on every level.

Magic awaits…

We look for it in the eyes of others, in the color of the sky, in the soft petals of flowers, in the play of light on water.

We seek it in the whispering of the wind, in the words of teachers and the laughter of children.

You know the thrill of a good story? This is another way we engage magic. The imagination (i-magi-ation – notice the ‘magi’ in there) is such a wonderful tool of creation. It fuels the stories we love in books and movies, and those that have been told around fires and gatherings since the beginning of time.

We crave magic. The funny thing is, it is all around us. We forget this, because we perceive things that are commonplace, those that we’re used to, as ordinary.

However, there is magic around every corner, and within every breath. It is a matter of perception. When you shift your outlook then the ordinary becomes extraordinary, and you can be totally blown away by the sparkle and beauty in the simplest things.

Try this:

Sit beautifully; hips earthy, heart lifted

Soften your face into an inward directed smile

With your awareness, connect to your heart

Close your eyes for a few breaths

When you open your eyes again, look around you

Take something simple, like a pen…

This, seemingly ordinary instrument is truly a thing of magic!

  • It can be used to write poems, love notes, novels and lists.
  • With it you could draw, doodle, or even create building plans.
  • You could use it to journal, to declare your goals and intentions.
  • Or to send a donation to your favorite charity…

The potential of such a small, simple thing is endless.

You might even marvel at its shape or the way the light shines on it.

Some other examples:

  • A compost heap holds in it the magic of organic matter turning into nutrients to nourish future crops and flowers.
  • A cup is an empty vessel which can hold any number of substances that otherwise would flow and pool, shining in the light.
  • A challenge is a gift to make you stronger, softer, more skilled…
  • A relationship is one of the most sacred practices of being human, and even the most brief encounters can be seeped in the source of magic – love.

By using a centered, spacious perspective in combination with childlike wonder, you can shift into a way of perceiving the world as a magical realm of infinite possibility and constant blessings.

The trick is to be in the moment, for the present holds magic like no other time or place!

  • What ‘ordinary’ thing do you see right now and how can you perceive it as extraordinary? I’d love to hear how you turn the mundane into magic – comment below. 🙂

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