The Yoga of Love

971615_42384730In every being there exists the ability to love. It’s just that some people have had more experience and practice than others in accessing this high feeling of love.

But even in the people who do terrible things – those who hurt, kill, and abuse their power with greed and violence – even within these people there is love.

Love is the highest frequency. It is limitless and pure. It pulses within you and everything around you. It exists as beauty, joy, and peace.

And yet there are more vibrant forms of love, such as the affection and connection you feel with your beloved, or your pet, or your child. There are stronger experiences of love that help us to discover how powerful it is.

Beauty is a high form of love, and through beauty you can strengthen your ability to BE love. Because when you appreciate beauty, you soften, open, and enter into love.

Think on this next time you marvel at the green of fresh spring leaves, the color of a flower, the way the sun’s light kisses the morning, or the blue of the sky.

Joy is another very high form of love, as are the depths of peace. These are feelings that we encounter as different vibrations of love. And we have the opportunity to choose these feelings each day.

The challenge of being human is seeing the highest good in all that is. This includes lobbyists and politicians, and even criminals, terrorists, and traitors. These are simply labels we have given people who conduct themselves in a certain way, or who have chosen to do certain things in life.

The difference is that people who do harm are not choosing to align with the highest paths. They have not yet learned how to practice being beings of love. Often they were raised in environments where they became accustomed to violence and greed. Almost always they were deeply hurt.

Yet all people have within them the ability to love. And the more they encounter love in any form – beauty, joy, peace, kindness, compassion, wonder – the stronger their connection to access love becomes.

When you think of people who have made a great difference in this world, those who are honored for their service to humanity, these people all have LOVE in common. Mother Teresa, Gandhi, Christ, Gurumayi – so many great people have walked this earth and done their work with love, and many do so today. Just thinking of someone who embodies love can bring you into that frequency.

Each time YOU choose to see the beauty around you, to recognize the good in others, to give and receive kindness, and to delight in the simple joys of life, you strengthen your own connection to love.

You can choose to practice being aware of love – feeling love in its myriad forms. And by doing so you support and grow the matrix of this highest of frequencies, making it more accessible for others.

Love. Be loved. Breathe love. See love.

And love will grow.

There is no end to it.

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9 thoughts on “The Yoga of Love

  1. Great message, Katrina. Thank you for this contribution! 🙂

  2. Thanks, Scott. I’m honored to be able to communicate this.

  3. As often occurs, your article and message was perfectly timed with my own focus this morning. Thanks for the amplification and confirmation!

  4. Hello Katrina,

    Thanks for the article and the encouraging words that we can choose to see the beauty around us.

    Have such a beautiful day

    Thanks for being beautiful you



  5. John McDevitt

    Love is INFINITE!!!!
    Thank you for your message! : )

  6. Christine,

    You’re very welcome! Gotta love divine timing. 🙂

  7. Sharleen,

    Beauty, beauty, beauty. Thank you for yours!

  8. John,

    You’re so welcome – thanks for leaving a comment so I know you enjoyed it!

    And, yes, exactly as you said. Love IS infinite.

  9. Sharleen,

    Beauty, beauty, beauty. Thank you for yours!

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