The Yoga Of Business

money“If everyone did business with this kind of integrity, the world would be a much better place!”

These were my thoughts after coming off a training call with some of the best master marketers in the business. Guys who get paid thousands per day for consulting. (If you want to check it out click this link for A League Of Extraordinary Minds.)

Even if you don’t have a ‘yoga business’ per se, any kind of enterprise can learn and grow from this attitude toward business.

To me, as someone who lives the path of yoga, compromising integrity is not an option. Yet too often it’s how you see people doing business. Perhaps it’s because people think that is how it has to be done; that you have to persuade or manipulate people into buying something.

But here’s the thing: products and services of excellence are of great benefit to those who seek them out.

This means that it’s not so much about tricking people into paying you for what you do, or having a desperate feeling that comes from thinking you have to make a sale to get buy. It’s about establishing a relationship based on real trust, and showing potential customers that they really do stand to benefit from what you offer.

Now, doesn’t that feel better?

The desperation and deceit that have formed around selling have come from a business world tainted with less than honest intent. From the days of ‘snake oil’ salesmen, people have been doing bad business and giving business a bad name.

But there is an overwhelming amount of truthful commerce out there. Really, we all have something to offer, and when you do or make something meaningful, why shouldn’t you be compensated well for it?

In order to heal the mistrust that we all associate with someone trying to sell us something, we need to rebuild the integrity of communication. Credentials and trust must be re-established, and this happens using the simple methods of being a good person.

If you say you’re going to do something, do it. If a customer asks you something, respond. And, beyond that, ask your customers what you can do for them. How can you establish a real relationship with them?

If we each treat each other as friends, even in the smallest of exchanges, then the kindness of caring relationship shines through. Respect builds a bond of trust, and when you trust someone, then you want to do business with them.

If a company or person treats you well, and they have something that brings you benefit, you buy from them. It’s that simple. Not only that, but you’re happy to do so!

Now, this may seem like common sense, but there are methods of doing this that are just fantastic. I learned some great ones on a free call with marketing master minds.

There will be more calls each Thursday in the next weeks, though I’m not sure what the subjects will be. However, I expect the caliber of the participants to be extraordinarily high, the business guidance to be top notch, and I invite you to join and see what you can learn. It’s free!

Here’s what someone else thought about the call:

“The panel members were extraordinary as the
name states. These millionaires have
absolutely brilliant insights coming from so
many different angels that it resonated with
me on an unbelievable level. Thank you to all
the panel members.” ~ Karl


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