Winter Blessings and an Invitation to Rest

As the season invites us to turn inward, we have a unique chance to find inner peace in a different way. Winter in the northern hemishpere, and especially in Canada, is a time to slow down, even hibernate a bit, and take time to rest.

I think many of us don’t get enough rest. It isn’t something our society seems to value. Sure, we’re told that relaxation is good, but in general it seems productivity is encouraged far more often.

I’m not against getting things done. Creative endeavors especially (I’m writing a novel while tandem breastfeeding. Yeah.) But there is something so nurturing about giving yourself permission to rest.

As a new mom, rest becomes even more sweet and valued. My boys are actually letting me sleep a decent amount most of the time, for which I’m grateful. I sure notice a difference in my ability to conjure the infinite patience and sparkling love with which I want to raise my children when I’ve had enough rest.

No matter who you are and what is going on in your life, when you listen to the whisperings of nature and adjust your life accordingly, it can be so rewarding. Winter invites rest, inward contemplation, and a sense of peace that is as beautiful as the blanket of snow that surrounds my mountain home.

For my part, I wish you the sweetest winter blessings. May the longest night of Winter Solstice bring you deep abiding peace, and may the return of the sun signal another year of personal growth. May you and those you love have joy, health, and abundance of all things good!

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and a Bright New Year to you!