Who Dat! Yoga – A Meditation Of Belonging

Fleur-de-lis-gold-omThe overwhelming sense of community in the Who Dat celebration of New Orleans Saints’ victory can actually inspire a great lesson of yoga: You Belong!

To understand fully how special you are and what this wave of excitement from New Orleans has to do with you, check out this article: New Orleans Teaches Us About Community Of The Heart.


Sit beautifully and quiet your mind.

Feel your breath dance within you.

Feel your heart beat.

As you tune in to your own inner music,

Realize that each being on this planet shares

The experience of breath and heartbeat.

We all are connected through our commonalities.

The desire to be happy and free.

The need to feel like we belong,

Yet still be able to express ourselves.

Breathe, in this spacious moment,

And know that you belong.

You are appreciated for who you are.

Feel the unseen support from the

Grand global community of the heart

Of which you are a unique and important part.

Who Dat!