Tuning In With Nature: A Full Moon Eclipse Winter Solstice!

Want to hear something really amazing?

Scientists have found that the Earth and human beings resonate at the same frequency. To the best of my knowledge we’re the only beings living on this planet that actually vibrate at the same rate as the planet itself.

To me this is very real proof of our intrinsic connection to Mother Earth.

All ancient civilizations and indigenous cultures have honored the cycles of Nature and lived in ways that respected the direct relationship between the Earth and themselves. They lived in reciprocity and balance with the world around them.

Somehow our modern culture has created an illusion of separation from Nature. But so many people are finding ways to come back into balanced relationship with Mother Earth.

Tonight is a full moon eclipse on the eve of Winter Solstice! (Note: If you are reading this at a different time, the message still has meaning, simply discover what cycle Nature offers to you in the moment and feel how you want to honor it).

Celestial bodies are aligning, demonstrating yet again the perfection and incredible beauty of Nature’s Dance. This is a perfect time to become more in tune with this dance ourselves, and create our own experience of Divine Alignment.

The practice I offer you here blends the practice of yoga with Peruvian Incan Shamanism. This practice is offered in complete respect of what you already hold true in your heart – your own belief system can be honored with this sweet ceremony.

I shared this ceremony with my Kamloops Yoga Class this weekend to amazing, heartfelt response!

Human beings and the Earth are absolutely interconnected, which is why ancient cultures have always honored the cycles and elements of nature. Let us remember this connection by bringing our awareness to the cycle upon us now.

Solstice Ceremony (This can also be used at any other time)

For this ceremony you will need a stone or rock that you have found in Nature. Any stone that fits comfortably in your hand will do, though it is nice to get it from a place that is sacred to you as it will bring more meaning and carry the energies of that place.

There are also two words you will want to know: Pachamama – Mother Earth, and Viracocha – Father Sky. These names come from the lineage of Shamanism that has influenced the ceremony I offer you today.

Holding the stone in your hand, or simply having it near you, find a comfortable seat.

Sit beautifully, feeling your pelvis and legs connecting to the Earth. Settle.

As you invite your breath to find more freedom within you, inhale yourself taller, feeling the crown of your head reaching up into the heavens.

You, as a human being, are a bridge between Mother Earth and Father Sky. Feel your heart as that bridge.

Feel the energy of Pachamama beneath you, and Viracocha above you.

As you breathe, become more receptive to Nature. Even if you are inside, the earth and sky are so expansive, feel them beneath you and around you.

Feel the heartbeat of Pachamama resonate with your own.

When you feel more aligned with the energies of Nature, bring your focus to your own intentions for the next cycle.

In your mind and heart, create a clear intention for yourself, and also set your intention for the global community; what is your vision for humanity and Earth? How do you see yourself, and what would you like to see happen in the relationship between Pachamama and her children?

Visualize or otherwise create this intention so clearly that you feel it start to resonate within and around you as an energy that is completely in tune with the Now.

Then, take your rock in your hand and blow that intention and energy into the stone. Cup the rock in your hands, bring it close to your mouth, and with each exhale, move the energy of your vision into the rock. Do this for as many breaths as it takes for you to feel like you have charged the stone with your intention.

When you feel ready, take as long as you would like to come into a feeling of gratitude. Stay very much aware of the connection between Pachamama, or Mother Earth, yourself, and Viracocha, or Father Sky.

When you are ready to come out of meditation, place the stone either outside on the Earth, or you can put it on the soil of one of your plants inside. Leave the stone there till after Winter Solstice. You can continue to use this stone to bring energy from yourself to Pachamama in a similar way as this ceremony, or you can also bury the stone if you’d like.

If you want, you can do a yoga practice with your stone at the top of your mat before placing it on the Earth, which is what we did this weekend in my Solstice Saturday practice.

Lastly, in keeping with a harmonious relationship of reciprocity, make a small offering to Pachamama when you place the stone on her belly. It can be a pinch of herbs (lavender, sage, or some other herb), bit of water or tea, a flower or petal, or any other natural offering made in love. If you have nothing, just whisper a blessing of gratitude and kindness to her. She will receive it with grace.

This ceremony helps you tune in with Nature and bring your intention into manifestation. You create a thought form with your individual and global intention, and then literally move that energy through the stone into the Earth.

When you do this, Pachamama knows, and Viracocha sees. And the Universe conspires to bring you into the full and beautiful experience of the seed you have planted as your intention into the fertile soil of this very special time!

Remember, you are the bridge between Earth and Sky, a child of deep wisdom and joy. May your heart sing as you continue to align with Nature.

Hiyaya! (Victory of the heart)

Please feel free to share your experiences and your own ideas of ceremony or celebration of the solstice. You can also share ideas for other times of year. Your voice is always welcome – please leave a comment below.

You can also follow the Lunar Eclipse with NASA.


2 thoughts on “Tuning In With Nature: A Full Moon Eclipse Winter Solstice!

  1. Thank you for helping me understand the true meaning of winter solstice in a very powerful, affirming and personal way. Your explanation is grounding and relatable to anyone and their belief system. At the age of 7 I was living in Kansas and collecting stones. We moved many times over the years, but one stone has always remained with me. I realized today the significance it carries for me.

  2. So sweet, Jerri. Thank you.

    I’m glad you feel this is accessable to anyone in full respect and honor of all belief systems. We all walk our own paths, yet can bring in similar tools and ceremonies to deepen and make more meaningful that which we hold true in our hearts.

    Many blessings to you and your special stone. 🙂

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