The True Essence of Power

What is the essence of true power? What is the fundamental energy of the universe?


This great wonder pulsates through all of life. It feeds us and heals us. It takes us on grand adventures. It invites us to face our deepest fears, to transform ourselves, to serve others from the heart.

Have you felt the ways that yoga enhances your ability to love? Increased awareness, spontaneous gratitude, seeing the beauty in details without loosing sight of the big picture, and choosing to align with the current of grace are all ways yoga leads us to experience love.

This is the key to balance. For your mini-practice today, I invite you to meditate upon the following passage pulled from Anodea Judith’s book “Wheels of Life”. Sit with the feelings that come up. Read it a few times to really internalize this wisdom.

“Living in balance is living in a state of grace, of delicacy, of gentleness. Love is that which endures, and likewise, what is done with love will endure. That which is out of balance will not endure. Only by being blanced within ourselves can we hope to balance the world.

Self-acceptance is our frist chance to practice unconditional love. It doesn’t mean that we have to give up striving to be better, but that our self love is not conditional on some future or imagined change.”

Take a piece of paper and upon it write:    I  AM  LOVE

With acceptance and compassion for ourselves, it becomes easier to make personal changes and accept others as they are. This is done from love. As we live life from this practice, the world becomes a brighter and more balanced place because each individual is centered and illuminated from within.

To your heart, full of love,

Katrina Ariel


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